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An Exciting Partnership

When we met the team at HoneyBook last autumn, we immediately felt at home. They share our values, believe in community-over-competition, and are genuinely excited about creating a product to make the lives of creative entrepreneurs easier so that we can spend more time with the ones we love.

An Exciting New Partnership | via the Rising Tide Society

HoneyBook first reached out to us shortly after our launch in June. They were interested in learning about the movement and how they could contribute to the grass-roots efforts that we had underway. HoneyBook graciously suggested launching the first San Francisco #TuesdaysTogether at their headquarters and we jumped at the opportunity!

Our San Francisco #TuesdaysTogether launch was incredible. Stories were shared, friendships were made, and the movement expanded all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. We quickly realized it was easy to talk with the crew at HoneyBook because we were speaking the same language. They share our values. They share our heart for community, education, and empowerment. And–most importantly–they share our desire to change the world.

An Exciting Partnership with HoneyBook | via the Rising Tide Society

Last night at the Summit, we announced that our friendship has evolved into a partnership with the goal of providing better support, resources, education, and opportunities to our growing membership of creatives around the world.

One of the most incredible outcomes of this partnership is that with the support of HoneyBook we will be donating over $20,000 of the proceeds raised from the Rising Tide Society Summit to charity!

An Exciting Partnership | via the Rising Tide Society

Yes–twenty thousand dollars going directly to change the world. Each and every person attending the Summit has contributed to funding three incredible organizations: The Birthday Party Project, Thirst Relief, and the people of Nepal through The Beyond Workshop by Nina and Wes.

We are thrilled to see what the future holds for the Rising Tide Society and the HoneyBook Community. This partnership is already allowing us to make waves in ways we never thought possible.

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