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2018 Trend Alert: Is Facebook Messenger The New Email?

If you haven’t experienced this firsthand already, you will in 2018. Why are so many people turning to Facebook Messenger as an alternative or addition to their email newsletters? It’s simple really, it’s all about that open rate. Open rate is a term originating from the newsletter world. It is the percentage of people who actually open and read your email. Google around and you’ll find that a “good” email open rate percentage is around 20-30%. Sounds low, but in a world where people’s inboxes are overflowing, this low percentage is considered a success. Send someone a message over Facebook messenger however? You’ll get a 80-95% open rate.

If you’re interested in checking this out more or experiencing this for yourself and learning how you can automate it through a Messenger Bot, my top recommendation is ManyChat. Try it out by heading to and clicking “start conversation” which will send you a message on Facebook so you can try it out. ManyChat allows you to create an automated flow for your subscribers that feels a lot like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books of my childhood. You can personalize your brand’s voice and really make it a fun conversation that adds value to your customer’s experience.

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