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Finding Work/Life Balance as a Creative Professional

Finding work-life balance can be hard, especially at the start or the middle of your busy season, but it’s very possible!

I learned that finding this balance in my life was essential after going an entire summer without seeing the beach, and as a beach lover and New Jersey native, that was unheard of for me.

I decided to make sure this never happened again and put three primary practices into place. Not only did these help me find more fulfillment in life, but they also helped me refuel and show up as my best self for my clients.

1. Set Office Hours

This helps keep you accountable and also helps to educate your clients about your availability and what they can expect from you.

My office hours are 12-8 pm. This works well for me as a wedding planner since I regularly have evening meetings after clients leave work. These hours give me the time I need in the mornings to sleep, run errands, organize my day and/or workout and time in the evening to meet with friends or attend ministry meetings at church.

Setting office hours has given my business structure and has given me the time I need to do the non-work things that make me happy. My office hours are also in my email signature, which acts as a gentle reminder to clients each time I reach out to them.

2. Take a Walk/Connect with Nature (daily is ideal!)

It’s well known that taking a break to enjoy the outdoors is good for your health. This isn’t only true for corporate workers, but for solopreneurs as well!

So, make time to take a break. This could be a walk around the block, an afternoon workout session or simply a moment of peace and quite to journal each day.

Anything that helps take your mind off work for a minute and leaves you feeling refreshed is a good idea to integrate into your every day. Plus, these intentional breaks can even help you tackle that endless tasklist with more focus and productivity!

3. Schedule Me Time/Family Time/Friends Time on Your Work Calendar

For me, this is the most important tip. I use my HoneyBook workflows to follow up with leads and clients automatically and I include a scheduling link so that clients and prospective clients to book from me easily within the hours that I have available.

Scheduling dinner with my family and friends, conferences and trainings, important church meetings and more in my work calendar helps me to protect that space without having to say “no” to a client.

This practice has really helped me to find balance in spending time both with clients and also taking some personal time to sharpen my skills so that I can give even more to my clients when I plug back in.

I hope that these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me over the years! Do you have any extra tips? Please share in the comments!

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