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Great Communication is Key to a Great Client Experience

To run a successful business, you need to focus on the entire client experience—and a big part of that is staying on top of your communication with customers. The goal is to book clients quickly and you can do that by setting yourself apart from the beginning. If you’re on top of your inquiries and emails while the other people they are inquiring with take days to get quotes, proposals, and contracts out, clients will notice. With prompt communication, you can even book clients in 20 minutes and under from a cold call or email; my record is 11 minutes.

But it’s about more than just that initial communication. When a couple or a client remembers you, they will remember you for one thing: how you made them feel throughout the entire process. The work may be great, the design might be spectacular, but if you rub someone the wrong way, you will hear less from them and their circle. Instead, you should give everyone a white-glove experience. Treating every client like they are your only client will make them feel great and feel like you care.

HoneyBook helps me do this by letting me reach out to clients through automation while still adding personalized touches. It makes it easy to shoot a little note to someone to ask sincerely how everything is going. And with all the events I photograph, the HoneyBook workflow is a lifesaver and game-changer. Whenever we reach a particular time frame before the event, it triggers an email to the client. For example, one month out, the platform triggers an automated email filled with tips, tricks, and a small request. I don’t have to touch a thing, other than sending a follow-up nudge if the client forgets to reply.

Clients love this. We frequently get compliments on our communication and “thank yous” for the reminders. Our business thrives off of referrals and retention, so paying attention to the full customer experience and nurturing inquiries from the beginning really makes all the difference.

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