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How Creatives Unknowingly Put Others Down

This is an open letter to all creative businesses out there. How you talk about your business and characterize your work matters. In our efforts to collectively support each other, let’s talk positively about our business and not do it at the expense of others.

Are you so excited about your business? Did you start you business because it didn’t exist before? Did you want to fill a void in the market, to do something that has never been done before, to be different? Did you go into your business so you could do it bigger, better, faster? Do you want to be even more inspired and even more creative than everyone else?

How you talk about your business can put others down without you even knowing it.

It is true, no one will ever replace you. You are unique, you are special. And, what you bring to the market irreplaceable. How you promote your business should be a reflection of what you hope to accomplish, not a characterization of other people and other businesses.

Talk about your work or service as a reflection of you, what you love and what you hope to achieve. Instead of saying, “all of the designs out there are cheesy and tacky,” try saying “my designs are unique and colorful.” Instead of saying, “there was a great need in my market for a planner who is chic and understands design,” try saying “I love creating designs that are chic and full of stylish details.”

These positive descriptions also pertain to how our businesses came to be. Here are two examples.

Negative Statement: I started this business because what was out there was bland and boring.

Positive Statement: I started this business to make unique, modern designs that make people happy.

When you talk positively about your business, it becomes about what you hope to accomplish, your hopes, your dreams. Positive talk has nothing to do with other people’s work and what else is going on outside of your business.

You should want to start your business because you love it, it is something that you feel passionately about it and you want to do it regardless of how many people are already doing it. You love it so much that you don’t care how much competition there is.

Don’t start your business because it doesn’t exist. Don’t start your business because you are doing the rest of the world a favor by bringing your product or service to market.

I started my wedding garter design business because I love sewing and I love creating things with my hands. True, I made my first garter because I couldn’t find a garter for my friend. But, that’s not why I started my business. And, you won’t hear me talking about other wedding garter designs or designers as a way to talk about my business.

In an effort to promote yourself, are you putting others down? Lifting everyone up also pertains to how we talk about our own businesses. Let’s all make all make an effort be more positive.

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