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Why you should break a sweat every day + 3 tips to make it easier!

How to Break a Sweat Daily – 3 Tips for Success

A lot of times as creatives we overlook taking care of ourselves. Maybe we “don’t have enough time or energy” and are filled with excuses for why we don’t break a sweat. You know you should do it. Everyone talks about doing it. But when’s the last time you worked out hard enough to break a sweat? Filling yourself up first will allow you to do more and be there for your business in ways you never imagined. Plus our bodies and minds receive so many benefits when we break a sweat and eat nutritious foods. If working out is something you long to do, but can’t seem to make it work… here’s 3 ways to make it “easier”!

Finding the right exercise program is the first step to break a sweat daily.

1. Find something you LOVE to do:

It sounds simple, but are you doing it? If you don’t like running… don’t do it! But if you love dancing… do it! Finding something you love to do will help you maintain a consistent workout schedule. Not only will you stick to it but you’ll even look forward to it! Breaking a sweat will come so easy you won’t even realize you’re working out. Love to get down on the dance floor at weddings (even when you’re photographing them?!) I totally recommend Zumba! If you’re not sure what you like to do.. Go easy on yourself and try new things. Grab a friend and take them to a new class with you.  Real friends break a sweat together.

2. Do it before you realize you’re doing it:

It’s no lie we’re dead beat at the end of the day, working out is the last thing on our minds. So how about waking up 30 minutes earlier and breaking a sweat? You’ll be done before you know it and it’s an easy habit to get into. Make this your YOU time. Set your alarm clock/phone across the room from you. You will be forced to get UP and turn it off (bonus points if you live with others.. Don’t wake them with your alarm, up you go!)

3. Make it easy on yourself:

No, not the workout itself. 😉 But the actually doing it part. If you don’t want to workout in front of other people or go to a gym, you don’t have to! I’m totally there with you. When I’m not walking or running outside, I’ll be inside breaking a sweat. There are millions of YouTube videos, channels, and online trainers making it easier than ever to workout. Only have 20 minutes? That’s great! YouTube search: 20 minute workout. You’ll get thousands of results. Find one you like, push play and get to it! I recommend Fitness Blender, Tone It Up, and Yoga with Adreine for some great channels to start with.

Using just 30 minutes in the morning is a powerful way to cultivate a new routine for YOU. Show yourself love, treat your body well, and you’ll be able to serve others in ways you never knew you could. Try out these tips to make working out less of a chore and something you look forward to!

PS… Did you sweat today?

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