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How to Not Spread Yourself Too Thin on Social Media

Are you on every single social media platform? WHY!?!?! If your audience isn’t there then why are you? The one thing I’ve learned from big 7 and 8 figure brands and entrepreneurs is that you do not have to be on every single social media platform to be successful.

Most of the time when you are on every social platform, you post a little here and a little there. You’re trying to be everything to everybody, but I challenge you to make a tweak in your Strategy.

Instead FOCUS, on where your audience is and go there to hang out with them. If 99.9% of your audience is on Facebook, but you’re spending 99.9% of your time on Twitter, how are you ever getting in front of your audience’s eyeballs. Don’t make things harder than they need to be.

Trust me I was doing this in the beginning of my business until I noticed more activity on certain platforms and I started following the action. So I have compiled a few tips to help you master your social media presence.

#1 Focus, Don’t Diversify

In the world of Investing you often hear people diversify your portfolio, invest in a little bit of everything. Not only is the not always the best investment strategy, it’s not the best social media strategy. When I say focus, not diversify, I mean focus on using the platforms where your target audience hangs out the most, then branch out overtime.

Most people think in order to be seen they have to post a little bit on every platform. Bu why not post consistently on a platform that has interested eyeballs.?

Currently I only [ consistently] use 2 social media platforms:

Instagram & Facebook

99.9% of my audience hangs on Facebook and Instagram. I am slowly transitioning in YouTube, because I want to create more video content.

Since I know my peeps hang out on these 2 Platforms, I can OVER deliver value on these two platforms, because I KNOW I will get the ultimate engagement, Inbox messages and inquiries.

#2 Automation + Outsourcing

The best thing about automating is that I can be posting on Facebook 4 times a day and I don’t actually have to be on Facebook Posting. The days of posting manually are virtually over and are very time consuming.

Save yourself hours by automating your social media posts a month or weeks in advance using tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or CoSchedule.

I do what’s called “Batching.” I create all of my social media posts for an entire month in a Google Doc. Once the posts are ready to be scheduled, I will assign scheduling to my intern and he schedules them to Buffer.

So to make your life ALOT easier, batch a week’s worth of content and schedule it in advance, and see how much time you really save.

I hope you to see you on Instagram or Facebook!
Happy Branding, Britt

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