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How My Business is Thriving Without an Instagram Husband

This may sound crazy to non-photographers or anyone that doesn’t blog… if that’s the case check out this short video all about the Instagram husband bandwagon!

So now that you’re caught up with what an #instagramhusband is and the real life struggles they endure throughout their daily lives… I’m excited to share that I don’t have an #instagramhusband and my business is THRIVING!

As many of our industry leaders are husband and wife teams it can be discouraging when you’re unmarried, running a business and still trying to keep those tiny boxes in our feeds looking fresh, vibrant and all things pretty!

Without an Instagram husband

Here are some tips I have for thriving without an Instagram Husband:

1. Talk to Strangers

Yes, take the opportunity to politely ask a passerby to snap a couple shots of you in action. Find the background with the best light and physically walk over to the iPhone picture taker and frame the image you have in mind. Let them know where you are standing and ask them to take about 17 shots as you mix up your smile and posing.

Pro Tip: Ask someone your age or younger as they will likely be familiar with the buttons on your phone.

2. Boomerangs are LIFE

Refer to step one and ask a friend or an innocent bystander to hold down the boomerang app as you wiggle and jive!

Pro Tip: Don’t confuse the poor picture taker by counting to three or figuring out a starting point, just let them know once you start moving they can press the button and never mess up that starting and ending point.

3. Arrive Early

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to your next coffee meeting or adventure to ensure you have time to order your latte and take some cute #nocoffeenotalkie pics.

Pro Tip: Ask the barista to skip the to go cup and pour your beverage in a mug! The mug will be so much cuter than the plastic and green straw! (Plus you’re saving the environment! WIN!)

4. Plan a Photo Walk

Plan a trip to your local farmers market, the beach or even a stroll downtown with some of your favorite creatives! This would be a great opportunity to reach out to local talent, hang out and capture some fresh content for each other!

Pro Tip: Everyone NEEDS content for their social media and marketing! Open the invitation to your local Tuesdays Together group to get the party started!

5. You’re Going To Look Like a Dork. Own It.

There’s no denying that bending over in the middle of the street for the perfect cement crack and leaf, taking 43 photos of your hot latte until it turns cold, and posing over and over again will make you look silly. WHO CARES? The sillier the better!

Pro Tip: Embrace the awkwardness and spark some conversations! I can’t believe how many new followers I have met simply because we connected over me standing on chairs in coffee houses! You never know what a sweet smile and awkward shrug can inspire.

I used to feel so left out, like I was missing something within the industry. Missing an element to my business that only an #instagramhusband could fill. Well, the loved ones in my life are known for humoring me and snapping a million photos at one given time, but I’m proud to say that my business is thriving, not only surviving without one! That’s what best friends, sweet innocent bystanders, a little planning and timed photos are known for!

Best of Luck!

With Love,


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