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Making Space for Rest and Self Care as Creative Entrepreneurs

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As entrepreneurs, we often wear more hats than should fit. A business coach with a passion for providing one-on-one programs may also manage her retreat logistics, print and digital advertising, and bookkeeping. Overwhelm is one of the quickest routes to stalled growth and burnout. So, while rest and self care are valuable to everyone, they’re particularly important for small business owners.

Establish Systems

A simple, yet essential way to combat overwhelm and carve out time for rest is by establishing systems. Get organized with your inventory, records, and ideas. Track your time to make sure your biggest commitments give you the highest returns, and adjust if the balance is skewed.

Even though life as an entrepreneur is often lived by the seat of your pants, set up a routine where possible and create blocks of time for similar tasks to help with focus and productivity. Think about what you can change to create a structure to your day, week, month, that allows you to control how your time and efforts are spent more often than they control you. Beyond that, be sure you set aside specific time for family, friends, relaxation, and travel. If your business cannot run without you being available 24/7, reflect deeply on how you can design a more sustainable model.

Invest in Yourself

When your name and business are at stake, every dollar and decision count. Small business owners often strive to keep expenses low, which is prudent in theory, but might impede growth in practice. Do your research, then take a leap of faith on investments that could take you to the next level of expertise or profitability. If you’ve been wanting to amp up your graphic design game, finally take the course or buy the software you’ve been eyeing for years. If health issues keep you away from your clients more than you’d like, find a food, exercise, and health practitioner solution that prepares you for long-term wellness. If you always regret letting your tennis skills slip or never learning how to play piano, now’s the time to pursue a personal interest just for fun. While you’re taking care of yourself, you’re better-prepared to nurture your business and those around you.

Outsource for Growth

Once you’ve decided how to invest in your strengths, it’s important to know where to delegate for maximum impact and productive rest. Outsourcing is a customizable option for businesses of any size to meet your exact needs. Consider hiring a virtual (or in-person) assistant to lighten your daily task load and free up mental space to make room for your next big idea. Solicit advice from a copywriter or communications strategist to clarify your message and scale your customer base. Partner with a mindset coach who understands your vision and can guide you on your path to success.

Working with an expert takes the pressure off of you needing to learn new skills that detract from your main focus of running and expanding your business. Outside support also minimizes errors on tasks you’re ill-equipped to take on yourself, like taxes, social media management, or any other domain that falls outside your key strengths. Releasing the reins a little can provide valuable bandwidth so you can accelerate growth, mitigate disasters, or take time for the rest you need to recharge.

Rest, Restore, Flourish

The path of an entrepreneur is rarely straight, nor easy. Make sure you have the infrastructure, personal wherewithal, and external support you need to combat the lows and take advantage of the highs. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small, and learn from setbacks so you can continue to improve yourself and your business.

Rest and self care may feel like luxuries you can’t afford. But, applying it to your business through simple, practical steps will clear your mind and provide space to flourish.

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