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Online Ads Strategy

It’s happened to you before, we bet. You have your eye on a new ___fill in the blank___, do a quick Google search and peruse the website to decide if you’re ready to buy. You decide to wait on your purchase only to open up Facebook or Instagram to see the exact same product waiting for you in your feed or on the side bar as a sponsored post. Welcome to the world of online ad strategy and, unsurprisingly, it often works. But how can you make it work for your business? This guide is a great place to start.

This month’s guide shares:

How to turn clicks into customers: the online ad strategy every business owner needs

Start with your goal in mind:

Don’t start creating an online ad strategy without getting super clear on what you’re hoping to achieve. For starters, setting a clear objective ensures you even know what to click in Facebook Ads Manager.  It also informs which audience you should target when to increase your ad spend and which ads aren’t serving your goals. Jordan helps you get started with tips on how to set goals and measure success. From there, when you’re ready to increase your reach and profits, Renee has all the tips you need. 

It doesn’t end with the ad:

Too many business owners get hung up on the ad itself: the design, the creative, the offer, the CTA. Those things are important,  but the “sell” doesn’t send with the ad.  What happens when your ideal client clicks the CTA in your ad and then doesn’t buy/inquire/book?  An engaging landing page is key in converting the audience members whose attention you’ve worked so hard to catch. Make sure that your ad funnel is set up for success with Ashleigh’s expert advice and learn all about landing pages from Aleya to ensure your online ads move the needle forward.

You don’t need a giant budget:

Beginning with online advertising can feel not only overwhelming but also, unattainable for so many. The reason? People often think they need a million-dollar ad budget in order to be successful l. By revisiting your goal, following through on the steps included in this guide and setting yourself a budget that can ebb and flow with your ROI & profits from said ad, you give yourself the opportunity to start small with what you have. No seven-figure business is necessary.More than anything, remember, pricing strategy is unique to you and your business and lifestyle. This guide can help you assess and establish pricing best practices to grow your business.

Bonus tip:

Now that you’re thinking about online ad strategy, be on the lookout for ads that catch your attention. Take notes on which ads you think work and why. That can help you determine what you’d like to include in your own ads.

A note: With the ever-changing nature of technology, algorithms, operating systems and more, be sure to check the latest platform updates regarding requirements and permissions when starting your online advertising.

What's Inside - Online Ads Strategy

Jordan Wechsler One of the first things crucial to any small business buying ads is to ask: “What is the goal?” Jordan walks you through the top characteristics you should be considering in your advertising goals and how to ensure that you meet your key performance indicators (KPIs) and that you can measure success on your return on investment (ROI). Learn about everything from monthly budgets to Facebook Ad bids and more with this article. Download Guide
Renee Bull If you’ve ever felt stunted by your organic reach on Facebook or Instagram, this article by Renee is for you. She gives 6 steps and considerations to make on how to increase your potential reach and boost your profits when setting up your ad campaign. And with Instagram and Facebook constantly changing, she offers up a bonus tip that ensures you’re constantly finding ways to create high performing ads and implementing strong lead generation. Download Guide

Brianna Cortez

Ever wondered what the best converting social media ads look like, read like, sound like and more? Brianna shares her insight on how to stop the scroll, get the clicks and lead your viewer to card-swiped. Her tips ensure that more people see your offers and ultimately pay to receive the benefits of your gifts. If you’re ready to create high converting Facebook and Instagram ads, this article is for you.

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Maxine Belus

Feeling overwhelmed at the sheer idea of Facebook ads? Maxine makes it easy with 5 steps to get started with your first ad campaign. From the one main thing you must do before beginning, all the way until how to best monitor your results (and use that insight to guide your best next steps for your online advertising strategy), this article takes the guesswork out of where to begin with online ads strategy.

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Jenny Parulski

If you want to understand your ROI, you’ve got to start with knowing what you’ve even measuring and what your ultimate goal is. Ads Manager may be a new zone for you, but with Jenny’s expert advice you’ll learn how to install your Facebook Pixel, set your reporting columns and more. With intentionality on the front end and awareness about your goals, you’ll be on your way to understanding your Facebook advertising ROI in a snap.

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Aleya Harris

A thoughtful and streamlined online presence and digital strategy is more important now than ever in gaining clicks on your advertising and converting them into customers and clients. While online ads can be a game-changer, you must ensure your intentional strategy doesn’t end when the viewer clicks. Instead, Aleya walks you through the top keys to a successful and high-converting landing page. If you don’t know where to begin with design, graphics and copy for your landing page, this article will help you learn what’s best for your brand and your ideal client.

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Ashleigh Chanel

If you feel like ads “don’t work” for you… Ashleigh is here to help. She shares three strategies to help you achieve three main business and marketing goals. 1. Increase sales. 2. Build an email list. And 3. Amplify brand awareness. If you’re ready to help your ad viewers go from click to conversion in everything from evergreen marketing to digital product sales, read this article. Plus, she teaches the three keys to great ad copy and the best things you should know for creating the best ad visuals.

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