Outsourcing & Growing Your Team monthly business guide cover photo
Outsourcing & Growing Your Team monthly business guide cover photo

How to Build Your Team with Outsourcing and Contracting

Overwhelmed by your business “to-do” list? We get it, but you don’t have to do it all yourself! Adding new team members or outsourcing responsibilities will free up your time so you can focus on the tasks that help you reach your business goals.

That’s why this month’s guide is all about outsourcing and growing your team. We’re sharing tips on curating a dream team to help you increase your revenue, grow your client roster and make space for you to CEO (create, expand and onboard). With a little extra support, your business will be ready to spread its wings and soar to new heights! Let’s dive in.

This month’s guide shares:

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How to build Your team with outsourcing and contracting

Stay on top of all your demands without burnout:

One word: outsource. It can be nearly impossible to scale a business without bringing on a team. We can only do so much on our own before we hit our max. That’s why outsourcing is so effective at scaling your business and doing it quickly. Gain more insight on how to outsource from Janelle Joy.

Outsource with impact and intention:

Community over competition looks like not being afraid to highlight someone else because you think it will stop you from growing. Aleia Walker tells us five ways to make more impactful collaborations, how to decide what collaboration style will work best and how to map out the to-dos before reaching out.

Onboard your team with confidence:

Establishing a brief Team Brand Guide and clear vision statement will make onboarding new team members easy, consistent, and more efficient. Sarah Chancey shares five things you’ll want to include in your brand guide, how to create a clear vision statement if you’re struggling and templates to help your team grow successfully so you can have personal and financial freedom.

What’s Inside – Outsourcing and Contracting

Tatiana O’ Hara

You’ve been in business for a little while now, you’ve figured out how to make a profit and you’re ready to go to the next level (hellllooo big bucks!) But, something is going on behind the scenes that you just can’t seem to diagnose. You’re working tons of hours, serving the heck out of your clients, but you don’t quite feel like the CEO. Or maybe you do and CEO stands for Currently Extremely Overwhelmed. Tatiana shares the top reason why you’re stuck in grind mode and how to delegate.

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Brooke Monaghan

Realized that you need help in your business? While the idea of having help sounds lovely, the idea of finding help, training help, managing help and making sure that your standards don’t suffer in the process is pretty daunting when you’re already at your limit. Brooke walks us through five things that you can do to reduce the pressure and overwhelm of growing your team and set yourself up for success in the long term so you can take advantage of your expanded capacity to slowly introduce best practices and systems that will further support your business.

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Jen Taylor

Ready to take the plunge into outsourcing? Start here. You must audit your operations to ensure hiring a contractor will be a fruitful endeavor rather than an extra burden. Jen Taylor shares three boxes that need to be checked before you start your search to build your dream team.


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Janelle Joy

Oftentimes when small businesses grow, those owners unknowingly end up wearing a lot of “hats” in the business. Janelle tells us why outsourcing is a must in balancing and scaling your business, how to calculate the cost of your time, ways to budget for outsourcing and easy steps to finding the right people to outsource to.

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Aleia Walker

Ready to find more ways to more impactful collaborations that allow you to keep positively impacting your business and the businesses of your collaborators? Aleia shares how collaborations help find your footing as an entrepreneur and pivot towards purpose and maps out everything before reaching out to collaborators.

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Tianna Tye

You’re making waves outsourcing, hiring help, growing your team but what happens after we send that offer letter? Tianna explains how onboarding is a crucial part of the team-building process. As well as, debunks onboarding myths that may stand in the way of our dream team’s success.

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Sarah Chancey

If you’re struggling to create a clear vision statement or brand guide for your business, this is for you! Sarah outlines five things you’ll want to include in your brand guide, helps you establish a vision statement that will get you out of bed every morning, passionate to move the business forward and dives into a few cornerstones to growing your team successfully so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

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Kaylan Thompson

Own your leadership style! When building your team it’s important to find and connect with individuals who will flourish in the culture of your team. Weave your leadership style into the interview, onboarding and support process so that you can outsource and grow your team confidently. Kaylan shares how to discover, own and lean into your unique leadership style so you can leverage it as you build your dream team and serve your hires with the leadership you always craved!

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Disclaimer: The advice featured in this guide and on the blog was sourced from our community members for sharing general information and knowledge. For specific legal, financial, tax, mental health and professional advice, please consult an authorized professional.