Pinterest for business

Pinterest for Business

The creative entrepreneur’s to-do list just keeps getting longer. Book clients. Create. Hone your skills. Generate helpful content. Do taxes. Wash your hair. And now, Pinterest?

You might feel overwhelmed by one more platform, but Pinterest will be an asset to your business if you have a plan. We want you to hang onto Pinterest as a hub for inspiration, and the perfect place to find perfect clients. They’re searching for what you’ve got, you just have to put it in front of them. Learn how in this month’s guide.

This month’s guide shares how to:

Create a Pinterest Business Profile

If you’re starting from scratch, be sure to create a Pinterest for Business profile. If you plan to use an existing account, simply hide irrelevant boards and convert your existing account to a Pinterest for Business account. Step one, check.

Add Consistent Content Creation to Your Workflow

If you haven’t been convinced yet, content marketing is one of the best ways to get eyes on your business, especially if you’re service-based. If you plan to utilize Pinterest for business – and, we think you should – be sure that you are pinning old content, but also creating new, relevant, evergreen content that can continue to build your credibility as a valuable resource in your industry (and in Pinterest’s algorithm).

Establish a Goal in Using Pinterest For Your Business

You just want more traffic, right? We get it. However, you might see more focused success if you head into Pinterest with a goal in mind. Is your primary goal simply more traffic? Do you want to grow your email list? Do you want to funnel visitors into a free challenge that moves toward a paid program? Get specific with your goals on Pinterest, and you will feel less overwhelmed in creating a plan of action to grow your business. (see #2 in Angela’s article on page 10 for more on this topic!)

What's Inside

Rachel Ngom Any time you make a move in your business or agree to invest more time in a certain area, it’s natural to ask why. Is Pinterest really worth my valuable time? In this article, Rachel explains that Pinterest is a game changer when it comes to getting more free traffic, which means more eyes on who you are, what you do, and why they should hire you to do it. Read More Download Guide
Karrie Chariton-Bhurgari What if we told you Pinterest could exponentially grow your content marketing game without you actually having to pin every day? Tailwind is a magical time-saving automation tool that will change your content marketing game while you barely have to lift a finger. Read More Download Guide
Karoline RoseGet ahead of the game by setting your Pinterest strategy up for success. Karoline shares five steps to get you up and running quickly, easily, and with a strategy that will serve you for miles down the road. Read More Download Guide
Angela OcampoViral content is the unicorn of the creative world. Everybody wants it, but it seems impossible to actually create it instead of just stumbling upon it by accident. In this article, Angela explains that Pinterest is set up for the long game of marketing, and she’s giving out strategic tips for intentionally willing your content to go viral. Read More Download Guide
Macey MillerThe secret to Pinterest strategy is to remember it as a search engine–and a mobile one at that. That means your job as a Pinterest user is to stop the scroll with a teeny-tiny, showstopping image. This article breaks down what goes into creating those pins that will help increase your traffic by encouraging clicks. Read More Download Guide
Cali WaegeCommunity is always the name of our game, and we love that Pinterest encourages community, too. One of the best ways to find great content for pinning–and get others to find your great content is through taking advantage of Tailwind Tribes. Learn the details of this awesome tool in Cali’s article. Read More Download Guide

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