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Use Podcasts to Grow Your Business

As the digital world continues to expand and evolve, building a brand through online content is more important now than ever. Using podcasts to your advantage – both starting a podcast and being featured on podcasts – can boost your business, increase your client roster and grow your revenue.

This month’s guide shares:

How to use podcasts to grow your business

Start pitching yourself now:

You might have read the title of this guide  and thought: “I don’t have the time to start a podcast… is this content relevant for me?” We’re here to tell you, it most definitely is! Podcasts can bring value to your business, even if you’re not the one hosting. By strategically pitching yourself  as a guest today you can get your business in front of your ideal clients fast. Danielle, a public relations professional and podcast pitching expert, shares her top tips to land your first interview (or 30th).

Hosting a podcast can work for you:

On the flip side, if you feel like you’re ready to start a podcast (and believe us, it’s worth it for brand building and gaining new clients!), take one small step today. Your first goal? Ask yourself what you want to talk about on your show and what education you’re well positioned to provide. By beginning there, you’re able to build out a podcast and online audio strategy that will connect with your audience, deliver value and keep them coming back for more. Lorri shares her top 4 questions to ask when creating a podcast and then, when you’re ready to take the next step, learn about starting your show from Geomyra. Finally, when you begin your podcast and online audio content endeavors, always create with accessibility in mind. Erin addresses the importance of accessibility and shares key tactics to ensure your podcast is accessible.

Make podcasts work harder for you:

Once you’ve done the hard work of pitching, securing a guest spot, creating your podcast, building out all the content, make sure that you promote the content. Podcasts build expertise, offer new connections and highlight what you uniquely can offer to the world. Learn more about Kelsey’s journey from podcasting to book deals and how you can make podcasts work harder for you. And once you’re inspired, and ready to showcase your latest episode to the world, Fran has the top tips on how to repurpose podcast content, whether you’re the host or the guest. (And bonus pro tip… you should be repurposing! No need to reinvent the wheel!)

What's Inside - Podcasts & Online Audio Content

Danielle Bayard Jackson

As the reach of podcasts continues to grow, so does the potential to increase your visibility and position yourself as a brand authority. You may not be interested in starting your own podcast, but one place you can make an impact on your business is by being a podcast guest. Danielle, a public relations expert, shares 4 key steps to pitching podcasts and getting featured, plus 4 questions to ask yourself before second your first podcast pitch.

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Geomyra Pollard

Don’t let the unknowns of how to start a podcast stop you from one of the most beneficial marketing and business growth strategies. Geomyra walks you through the in’s and out’s of starting a podcast without having to start from scratch. From a detailed list of needs to invite guests to your show to a how to get leads when hosting, this podcast gives the first things you need to consider when getting started.

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Lorri Lewis

Thinking of starting a podcast? Start here. Lorri shares 4 questions to ask when creating a podcast so you can align with your goals, resources and more. And once you’ve gotten established as a podcast, use her tips on maintaining and growing your audience and brand while staying relevant. You have the potential to succeed in the podcast world and in business. Lorri’s tips can help.

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Erin Perkins

Do you have a podcast or are you considering starting one? Prioritize making your podcast accessible from the beginning. Erin shares why your podcast needs to be accessible and how to to maximize the reach of your audience with accessibility in mind. Use her 4 steps and pro tips on getting started with accessibility and creating a podcast transcript, whether you’re on episode 1 or 400. Now is your chance lead by example.

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Fran Moore

Don’t let your podcast content creation end when your podcast goes live. Instead, make your podcast content work harder for you, save time in the process and connect with all learning styles in your audience. Fran shares 5 easy ways to repurpose your podcast content on everything from blog posts to Reels to YouTube and more. With her simple tips for workflow and getting started, you’ll cut your content creation time and maximize your efforts.

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Kelsey Chapman

You’ve heard that podcasting is great for building your brand and growing your business, right? Well, have you heard of the additional benefits it provides? Kelsey shares about how to reach more people with your message through podcasting and the ways podcasting opens doors to additional opportunities (like a book deal!). Build connections, serve your audience, grow your business – all with podcasting.

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Disclaimer: The advice featured in this guide and on the blog was sourced from our community members for sharing general information and knowledge. For specific legal, financial, tax, mental health and professional advice, please consult an authorized professional.