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Say Goodbye to Negative Self-Talk

say goodbye to negative self-talk

It’s time to say goodbye to negative self talk.

We’ve each got a mean “self” living inside us.

And they’re harsh!

Friend- what is that negative dialogue that your inner mean self is constantly whispering in your ear?

Maybe it’s that you’re never going to be good enough for a certain type of client.

Maybe it’s that ‘they’re’ already doing what you’ve always dreamed of, so why bother?

Or maybe it’s the idea that you’ll always be stuck at a certain level in your business.

Take a second to consider- is this negative reinforcement helpful?

Is this perspective helping you? Is it driving you forward? Or, is it actually harming you?

There’s a good chance that this negative mindset is driving you to play small. In reality, it’s likely keeping you stuck instead of propelling you forward. 

Friend, the dialogue we speak over ourselves has power. Let’s consider whether we are fueling our minds or draining them (and our energy levels along with it!).

What is this negative belief (the lie!) hijacking from your life?

Sometimes it’s important to get uncomfortable (it’s hard, I know!) and think about what exactly our negative thought pattern is stealing from us. This is the best step to say goodbye to negative self talk.

And speaking of, have you ever heard that fear is also known as false evidence appearing real? What false evidence is taking up precious real estate in your headspace?

Let’s commit to letting go of the lies together, and protect the precious energy we are spending on them.

Say Goodbye to Negative Self-Talk and Transform Your Life

If negative self-talk was no longer present in your life, how would things change?

When we become aware of what we are speaking over ourselves, it can be scary to realize just how much brain space the ugly stuff is taking up.

But on the upside, when you let go of your negative mindset, what will you create space to invite in?

Is it the capacity to think BIG? Or maybe, it’s giving yourself permission to finally launch that project you’ve had in the back of your mind for years! Or perhaps, it’s allowing yourself to experience JOY instead of dread as you go through your day. (What we feel is just as (if not more!) important than what we do.)

There is so much opportunity to turn your internal dialogue around, and when you do that, your outcomes will change.

One of my favorite tools from my corporate days is the results cone, which essentially explains that our beliefs drive our outcomes.

Specifically, beliefs create our thoughts/feelings. Our thoughts/feelings create our behaviors. And our behaviors create our results. Changing our beliefs (our negative thought patterns, if you will!) will lead to changed outcomes.

What beliefs do you need to hear most?

Is it that you are capable? That you are worthy of success? That no matter what happens, you will succeed or grow in the process?

Create some space to really think about that. Journal it out, talk with a friend, whatever you need. Pausing is productive and this is going to be big!

And last but not least, you’ll want to consider…

What situations might trigger you to revert back to your negative mindset?

Perhaps you have a challenging client and all that all too familiar self doubt comes rushing back. Or maybe, you pitched a partnership that fell through.

Whatever it is, consider how you might redirect when a negative thought floods your precious headspace.

What could work for you? Perhaps it’s having a list of 3-5 affirmations on hand. Maybe it’s stepping outside for a minute. Or maybe, you have a friend who you can let in on your journey and share the tough stuff with knowing that she will cheer you on and hold you accountable.

A Virtual Hug

Friend, you are already doing big things and have so much potential and possibility ahead of you. Pinky promise yourself that you’ll become one of your bff’s and say goodbye to negative self-talk.

It may be the very best decision you make for your life and business.

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