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4 Ways To Shine Bright in a Big Blue Pond

I love the scene from the movie “Elf” where Will Ferrell gets super pumped about finding The World’s Best Coffee. He’s so excited about it, so he takes a gal there for their first date! If only we could advertise as “World’s Best Photographer” or World’s Best Wedding Planner” and have the clients come running to us with joy and excitement. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. How do you stand out if you are a one man/woman operation in a huge market? It’s super important to figure out what your big differentiators are and share them with potential clients.


Heidi Akpaette- 4 Ways To Shine Bright as a Small Fish in a Big Blue Pond via The Rising Tide Society & HoneyBook Blog

Here are 4 ways to stand out in a saturated market when you are a small fish in a big blue pond.

1.  Solve frustrations.  Think about what clients struggle with in your particular industry. Brainstorm unique way to solve them, then add it to your services or products. Be sure to highlight this in your marketing.

2. Look to your reviews  What type of feedback do you get? What do your friends give you accolades for? What do your reviews say about you? When I took a closer look for my own business, I realized I was seeing a lot of the same type of positive responses. I used what others were already saying about me to display on my website, in my social media, and in my promotional material.

3.  Be yourself  Stand out in your industry by being yourself. What are things unique to you that people will be drawn to? What personality quirks do you have? What do you offer that others don’t? Don’t be afraid showcase these things! There are certain businesses I shop at over others because of the unique vibe they have or the way the owner makes me feel­ even if they offer the exact same prices, products or services as a competitor. People will be drawn to you when they know who you are!

4. Be everywhere and network  Go to networking meetings, reach out for styled shoots, show up at local events, support other artists, and be everywhere! People will start to see your face and your brand, even if you are a really small company. Others may start to reach out to you, too. The more you can be involved locally, meeting people and learning about others in your industry, the more connected you become. When people are looking for someone to refer, your bright face may just pop into their head because they have actually met you in person.

You may not be able to write “World’s Best {insert your business here}” on your business cards, but you sure can show the world why you are the best you there is, and I believe people want to buy into that authentic business!

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