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Small Business Sales and Booking Strategies

How do I improve my small business sales and booking strategies?

Have you been looking for ways to book more clients and better your small business sales and booking strategies? Growing a business takes work. And boosting sales to create a sustainable business model that allows you to scale is hard… but so important.

This month’s guide shares:

How can I increase small business sales and booking strategies?

Lead with confidence to boost small business sales:

It can be incredibly overwhelming getting caught like a deer in the headlights when it comes time to sell to a potential client. Before reaching that moment, practice your pitch so you know your main talking points, what makes you unique, and how your product or service can make an impact in your client’s life. Best place to practice to boost confidence? In the mirror or with a friend!

Selling isn’t about you:

You may think that selling is all about sharing just how amazing you are. However, selling is really about your client and their needs. First, prioritize learning more about how much they know about your product or service. Ensure that you’re not jumping the gun in pitching them too early. Learn more about the customer journey in Megan’s article. Ultimately, your goal in any sales opportunity is to connect with the potential client, discover their pain point, and help them understand how you can solve their problem. It’s all about them.

Make selling simple and scalable:

Whether you’re looking for an easy and consistent way to close a sale when an inquiry comes in (like Joelle) or ready to to sell a product or service on autopilot through an evergreen marketing strategy (learn from Aleia), finding ways to make it easy for clients to book you—and for potential increased revenue through scaling your business model—is key. Building out systems, processes, and consistent booking strategies can be the sole reason you receive a rave review and a repeat customer. Take advantage of that opportunity every chance you get to increase your small business sales and booking strategies.

What’s Inside - Small Business Sales and Booking Strategies

Natarsha Wright

There is no denying that impactful branded photography can stop potential clients in their tracks. With the quantity of visuals we see every day, quality makes a difference. Natarsha shares 5 ways to boost your potential sales with brand imagery that tells your story, communicates what you do, and helps you stand out from the crowd so you can sell well.

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Abby Waller

If you’re ready to stand out in your market and make selling feel natural, Abby shares the number one way to improve your small business sales strategy and increase the quantity and quality of bookings. Emotions set your pitch apart and this article breaks down the three reasons you should be employing emotions rather than facts in your business.

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Megan Schuett

Systems, processes, analytics, all the details. Being a creative doesn’t always mean those things come naturally. But by mapping your customer experience and evaluating your small business sales process, you’re more likely to connect with potential clients, gain inquiries, and increase bookings. Read Megan’s article to learn about what you should be focusing on within the customer journey and how to amplify your efforts.

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Aleia Walker

Have you ever dreamed of the famous “making money while you sleep?” With Aleia’s 8-email sequence, tips on what to sell, and details on how to sell it, you’ll learn how to increase small business sales effectively and efficiently with this article. You’ll set it and forget it, and head on vacation while your evergreen marketing strategy does the work for you.

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Joelle Bradfield

A streamlined workflow can be the gamechanger that takes your inquiries from interested to booked. Setting yourself up for success with consistent processes and professionalism is what Joelle did to close the deal on 90% more inquiries. She shares her 6 simple steps you can start implementing today. Ever wondered what you should include in your first email? Or when you should follow up? This article shares all & the key components you should be implementing.

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Meredith Ryncarz

We all have had the experience: client signs a contract, you’re ready to go, and then you hit a road bump because… well… they didn’t actually read the online contract they signed. Allie shares how to protect yourself and make a positive client experience by incorporating these key tips in your email automations (+ examples of copy you can adapt using your typical email voice) in your canned emails to manage client expectations and remind them of what’s to come. It will make for a smoother and better experience for all involved.

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