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Social Media Marketing

When done wrong, social media marketing can be a time suck and fuel comparison. But, when done strategically and with intention, social media marketing can help you connect with your audience daily, educate your potential clients on your products and services, increase revenue and grow your business.

This month’s guide shares:

Social media marketing best practices for small businesses

It starts with content

Every great social media marketing strategy begins with building your brand voice and creating content based on your unique audience. Start by digging into what resonates with your audience most. Think: What do they love to hear from you about? Where does your story connect with their story? What are your current clients’ top FAQs? What pain points do they experience? How do you solve them? All of these questions can lead you to consistent content that ties directly to your unique value proposition (UVP). And don’t forget to tie in strategic keywords to your content like Dresean shares. 

Next, maximize your content

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The social media marketing hamster wheel can feel daunting to say the least. Every day – in and out – on and one. Instead of using content only once, repurpose your individual content pieces again and again on each different platform. Remember: reiterating yourself builds brand awareness and authority. Don’t discredit the importance of establishing yourself as the expert by building a content strategy around key pillars of your content. And then, take maximizing a step further with everything from hashtag strategy based on Sharon’s article to utilizing Facebook ads and more.

Last, automate & systematize the content

Once you’ve determined your strategic social media marketing plan, document every step of the way in a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) so it can be easily replicated as you outsource and scale. Additionally, it means that you’ll be able to produce high level repeatable results and content to show for it for each client you work with. Consider using Laney’s insights about how to get more content from fewer projects to build a system for the future. And finally, automate your social media marketing content and processes! Kinsey shares about her favorite softwares and apps to automate social media posting and more. 

What’s Inside - Social Media Marketing

Kinsey Roberts

The great thing about content and social media marketing? You have the potential to connect with your target audience every single day. The hard thing? You have to be active every single day. But Kinsey shares her foolproof method for finding what to talk about in your content marketing and how to effectively create, schedule and engage in social media marketing. Learn her favorite tools and programs to make it easy to build out your social media content calendar in a way that is manageable.

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Dresean Ryan

If you want to get more exposure for your business then you need this one crucial element: maximizing your SEO keywords for your blog, Instagram and Pinterest. Dresean shares not just how to find the keywords, but also best practices for using them well to reach more people and connect with your audience. Learn his step-by-step process in the guide and grow your marketing efforts.

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Shay Cochrane

Feeling in a content creation rut? When you build momentum with high quality content that delivers to your loyal audience again and again, you have a greater chance at reaching more people and new audiences. Shay dives into the 3 types of content that have the greatest impact and how to implement them into your social media strategy. If you’re ready to up your Instagram game and reach new eyes, her article is sure to help (and you can even get access to a free 14-day trial of Social Squares for high quality imagery!).

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Sharon L. Hadden

You know you should be using hashtags… but how do you know if you’re using hashtags that actually are expanding your reach and gaining new eyes on your business? Sharon dives deep into the in’s and out’s of Instagram hashtag strategy (and how to apply that strategy to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), including the top two types of hashtags you should be focusing on, how to choose the best types of photos to get seen on popular hashtags, and more.

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Randi Smith

Still feeling like you need to “beat the Instagram algorithm’ in order to get eyes on your business? Here’s some good news for you… no longer do you need to fight against Instagram. Instead Randi Smith shares how you can use Instagram Analytics and Insights to work FOR you. With her tips on how to find your analytics dashboard, what to look at and how to analyze the insights, you’ll find your groove on what to post, when to post it and what you should say in the caption.

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Katrina Julia

When is the last time you opened up your LinkedIn? It’s not the first platform creative entrepreneurs think of when creating their social media marketing strategy. However, Katrina shares her best tips for getting started in building out your LinkedIn profile and making use of the platform to connect with people you’d like to work with, expand your community and grow your business. Think LinkedIn isn’t for you? Read her article and think again.

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Laney Schenk

The overwhelm of having to post every day on social media is real… and that is if you’re only thinking of Instagram. Add to that Pinterest, Facebook, blog, TikTok and more, and you can quickly feel like all you’ll be doing is coming up with content to share – which is extra difficult when you only have so many hours in a day to actually create or so many clients on your calendar. Laney shares her formula for getting more content out of less work without it feeling repetitive. One project, many posts.

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