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The One Hire That Can Change Your Business (Even If You’re Just Starting)

Logging into Instagram, you see one of your favorite bossladies. Or bossdudes, no judgment. They’re into #allthethings, and looks like they’re absolutely KILLING it– constantly booking new, dreamy clients and getting asked to speak at the coolest workshops + conferences. On top of taking care of their kids, always looking perfect and enjoying an office worthy of a Pottery Barn catalog feature, they somehow find the time to launch new products and take care of their clients.

How are they doing it?

I can’t answer that, but I can tell you they’re not doing it alone. When we start out, we are by default ‘solopreneurs.’ We have a warrior mentality in mind, set on changing the world (or at least our industry) with our unique vision and offerings. We’re proud to do this ourselves, but is this just a rationalization?

Going it alone can be stressful and time consuming. If your energy is better spent elsewhere, it’s also draining and taking you away from your core business purpose. One of the first hires you can make in your business is a virtual assistant (VA), who can help ease the burden of the administrative tasks you face on a regular basis like responding to email, sending online invoices, onboarding new clients and managing existing clients’ requests.

But, you’ll want to do this legally and wisely. Quick to fire, slow to hire is a cliche but true for a reason: you don’t want to run into any problems later. So, to help you find a great fit for your business to ease the load, I’ve compiled a list of resources you can use to get started delegating your most mundane (but necessary) tasks today.

Where to Find a VA:

Heart Centered Biz Bosses Group
Savvy Business Owners Group
Rising Tide Society Group
Local Tuesdays Together Chapters on Facebook
Creative Empire Facebook Group

VAs I Personally Recommend:
The Social Walker (Allie Danae)
Dallas Girl Friday (Julie Painter)
Indigo Colton
Legacy Creative Company (Danielle Roberts)

Resources Before Hiring a VA:
HoneyBook for running your business painlessly.
Independent Contractor Agreement (with Confidentiality clause)
Asana for project management.
Slack for communication.
Trello for lists.

Tasks My VA Takes Care Of (or Could):
Scheduling and rescheduling
Sending questionnaires via HoneyBook
Reviewing my Pipeline for new messages
Responding to clients quickly so they have a great experience
Sending new client proposals after discovery calls
Formatting documents and online contracts
Reminding clients about invoices and preparing my HoneyBook proposals for new clients

What tasks are you looking forward to getting off your plate? Click here for a workbook that walks you through my own profitable workflow!

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