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Chapter Highlight: Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

We are a group of creative business owners that reside in Suffolk County on Long Island, NY. Our area is known for being super competitive and we have fully embraced the #communityovercompetition motto. We began meeting in June 2016 and we are thrilled to grow every single month.

What does #communityovercompetition mean to you?

It means going against the norm in our industry and area to value/cultivate our relationships first and foremost. By doing so we wind up helping each other so much. Our group believes in being vulnerable, in being there for each other and supporting all no matter what stage of business you are in.

What has been one of your favorite TuesdaysTogether moments?

This meeting in May was by far our most honest and real meeting. We are not afraid to be vulnerable and share what we struggle with and we are not afraid to step up and help each other.

Where does your chapter typical meet up?

All over the place from coffee shops, to local restaurants, parks and member’s spaces!

What is something that you do as a chapter that works well for you, and that you think would be helpful for other chapters?

I show up. I make sure that everyone feels welcomed whether they have been there since day 1 or it’s their first time. I just started having “greeters” to make others feel welcomed immediately when they step in.

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