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Date of Last Revision: February 9th, 2021

Affiliate Program Fees

If you have registered as a member of our Affiliate Program and agreed to the terms of our HoneyBook Affiliate Agreement (which you may review again here) (the “Agreement”), you may be eligible to receive certain fees for your referral of new subscribers to the HoneyBook Service, as set forth below. Subject to the terms of the Agreement, for each Referred Customer (defined below) that purchases at least (i) a one (1) year subscription to the HoneyBook Service and does not cancel that subscription within, and remains in good standing for, the first sixty (60) days or (ii) twelve (12) consecutive months of monthly subscriptions (each a “Qualified Referral”), HoneyBook will pay you a referral fee of (a) $25 USD, for a Qualified Referral that purchased the (“Starter Plan Qualified Referral”) or (b) $100 USD, for a Qualified Referral that purchased the (“Unlimited Plan Qualified Referral”), in each case within 60 days after the date that each such Referred Customer qualifies as a Qualified Referral. If you are an Educator (as defined below), or after you, as a Business, have transacted $2,000 or more with Clients and/or Vendors using the Services (as each term is defined in the Terms of Service, which you may review again here), HoneyBook will pay you an enhanced referral fee of (a) $50 USD for each subsequent Starter Plan Qualified Referral thereafter or (b) $200 USD for each subsequent Unlimited Plan Qualified Referral thereafter. The maximum referral fees payable to you in the aggregate shall be capped at $10,000 unless (i) HoneyBook has formally enrolled you in its educator program in writing and (ii) you remain in good standing in that program (as determined by HoneyBook in its reasonable discretion) (each an “Educator”). Subject to the Agreement, HoneyBook may also offer you opportunities in writing to formally enroll in special referral programs, for which the referral fees and payment schedule may be different than those set forth herein as determined by HoneyBook in its reasonable discretion. Any such special programs and terms shall be prescribed by HoneyBook in writing from time to time. For members outside the United States of America, referral fees are subject to fluctuation due to the current exchange rate on the date of payout. For purposes hereof, a “Referred Customer” shall mean someone you referred to HoneyBook that enters the HoneyBook website identifiably using your unique Link (as defined in the Agreement) and purchases the HoneyBook Service during that same browsing session.