4 Secrets to Being More Creative

Tips to be more creative via the RIsing Tide Society Day dreaming, brainstorming and spending time in my imagination are some of my favorite pastimes.  There is nothing more powerful or fulfilling than bringing an idea to life. The problem?  Going from chaos to concept can be a reality not just reserved for the struggling artist. Whether you admit it or not, choosing the right foods can be essential if you want to take any creative idea or project out of your head and into the real world. 

Over the years, I’ve been able to tap into a simple eating road map that has taken my creativity from making “DO” to creating something “NEW.” At the start of every season, I do a 5 day juice cleanse to take a break from eating and give my digestive system a well needed break.  In the Spring and Summer my cleanses consist of juices and smoothies when the weather is warmer and cooler and lighter foods are in order.  In the Fall and Winter I include easy to digest foods and soups with a generous dose of spices including my personal favs cayenne, paprika, and cumin to bring the heat.

Once my body comprehends that I won’t be eating much of anything for several days and gives the message to my brain to focus on other things, I’m always stunned how easy it is for me to function. Once thing remains clear no matter the time of year I’m cleansing and that is this…there is no doubt that creativity and food are deeply linked. 4 Secrets to Being More Creative | via the Rising Tide Society While this may sound so simple and by no means a new concept to you, here is the thing – we all forget it when our bodies and thoughts get muddled with over consumption of sugar, flour, caffeine, and dairy.  In this state our mind is not our ally.  We stop to remembering how these daily foods impact our desire to be productive and keep our creative juices flowing.  I never focus too much on it when my life is in full swing but eventually things slow down and it is only when I hit the reset button with a seasonal cleanse I’m quickly reminded with huge bursts of creative energy and uncontrollable need to express myself creatively.

Everything I experience during a cleanse has a more profound impact on me, my energy is heightened, the brain fog is gone and my to do lists are cut in half in just days.  I often find myself completely creative projects in one day that normally take me a week. This may sound extreme and sometimes it is, but it really just comes down to a reset of the system. 

What I’ve learned after years of seasonal cleansing is that one foods are introduced again, I never need to juice exclusively to feel creative energy if I steer clear of the 4 things that block me from feeling inspired and cause me to hit energetic quicksand when I want to be creative. There are certain foods that can cause you to crash, feel fatigued, and even moody, anxious and depressed. While emotions are normal both high and low, mental clarity and energy and key to feeling creative and being productive. So what are some of the things can block creative energy for entrepreneurs passionate about your life and work? Today I share the 4 that do it for me. 4 Secrets to Being More Creative | via the Rising Tide Society Gluten – Even those without a gluten allergy can feel heavy, have a suppressed immune system, experience a bloated belly and get lost in brain fog after consuming gluten. A bagel is not your best friend when working on a creative project.

Sugar – As a creative entrepreneur, you want to watch your sugar intake because of the mental roller coaster that comes with consuming hidden sugars found in bread, salad dressings, breakfast smoothies and pasta sauces.  Adding sweetness to your day comes with a high price to your productivity and creative flow.  You might feel good for a few minutes, but the crash is always on the other side bringing you to new lows and putting the breaks on all projects and feeling creatively bankrupt.  Not fun! Sound Familiar? Here’s how you know if you’re eating too much sugar.

Coffee –  Do they know you by name at Starbucks when you step in the door? Coffee is a fair weather friend when it comes to productivity and feeling your most creative.  You are besties for a few minutes and then when things go hay wire in your nervous system, coffee is the first to run our the door, leaving you with a crash that just leaves you wanting more.  Feeling like crap and depressed you reach for more.  It creates an endless cycle of borrowing from your future energy which creates a constant deficit in your body called fatigue.

Overeating anything – When you overeat, your creativity is all blocked up because it’s taking so much energy to digest all the food. How creative can you be when all you want to do is take a disco nap?  Not me. Have you experienced any of these frustrations, highs and lows with your creativity and productivity?  I would love to hear how you think eating affects your creative energy. Enlighten me!

Manya Williams

Manya is a certified health coach whose passion is to educate, empower, inspire and support you to understand and accept yourself, to feel good in your body, and get your MOJO back with the help of a roadmap to long lasting results in the real world, your world.