7 Reasons You’re Worth It

7 Reasons You're Worth It | via the Rising Tide Society

Sometimes life is just hard and I don’t know about you but some days I ask myself if what I am doing is even worth it and on really bad days am I even worth it?

Well guess what? You are worth it. Yes, you! You are worth it and here’s why:

7 Reasons You're Worth It | via the Rising Tide Society

1. You give it your all – You do don’t you? You give your blog, business, and relationships 110%. But let’s be honest it’s exhausting. More often than not we don’t even give ourselves that same amount of effort. So from this point forward I give you permission to treat yourself. Because if you aren’t truly happy then it will reflect back on your business and family every time.

2. You’re different + that’s okay – I pride myself in being different. Because how are you suppose to make a difference in the world or shine if you are doing what everyone else is doing? You stand out and that is everything and a bag of chips.

3. You help others – While you are giving it your all  you are still helping others. And that is amazing by helping others it will really come back and help you too. You never know who’s watching!

4. You put #communityovercompetition – I am new to the rising tide family and I have never gotten more help and advice from better people. You allow yourself to put competition behind you and put community above everything.

5. You are an advocate for growth – You help those who need help (refer to #3) and you love to see them grow. You are genuinely a good person and those are hard to find.

7 Reasons You're Worth It | via the Rising Tide Society

6. You want to make a difference – This world may be getting more and more competitive but at the same time there are more people just like you who love to see others succeed and make a difference in those around you. And you know if you can’t love yourself that you do this I will do the lovin’ for you.

7. You’re worth it because you care – YOU care enough to put good back into the world. By you caring enough to do good it shows others that not only are they okay being different but they see that they are WORTH IT.

One thing that all of these reasons have in common is that it starts with YOU. You are worth the late nights to give yourself those extra minutes to pamper yourself, you are worth the money to get you something nice or to go to a show that you have wanted to see for ages.

Allow yourself to love yourself. It’s hard trust me, and it doesn’t come easy. Once you learn that you are worth it then you will thrive in every aspect of your life.

Katelyn Wamsley

Hello friend!! I’m Katelyn Wamsley--succulent lover, music enthusiast, & advocate of happiness. I am the brains behind Katelyn Nicole, a lifestyle blog, and my photography business Katelyn Nicole Photography. I love working with technology and helping others with their business! When I am not writing or taking pictures, you can find me behind the computer coding, and finishing out my last year in high school. I also enjoy baking, and browsing fantastic blogs. I am so blessed with amazing opportunities and people who come into my life and for that I am grateful.


  1. You’re amazing, Katelyn! Thanks for these tips!

  2. Wow. This is a great motivational read. I really liked how Katelyn pointed out that being different is okay. I think in this world it can be hard to go against the norm. Katelyn is a great example of someone who has done just that and succeeded. Way to go!!

  3. Thank you:)