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3 Lessons for Seasonal Businesses | via the Rising Tide Society

3 Lessons for Seasonal Businesses

Yet after four successful seasons, Annabelle has learned that while our store-front may be shut down in October, the business of running a seasonal store is never in off-season. As store owner of Annabelle, I’ve learned three important lessons for managing a successful seasonal business.

Creating a Brand Story | via the Rising Tide Society

The Old Way of Marketing No Longer Works

A brand story is a universal marketing tool and it’s available to all of us. Instead of a ‘bigger and better’ marketing campaign, building a brand story focuses on connection and trust. A powerful story triggers an action in the customer. First connection, then trust, followed by an investment, resulting in a loyal community.

Secret to getting published via the Rising Tide Society

Wedding PR: Top Secret to Getting Published

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you will need to dedicate some time to getting published. And I’m not just talking about submitting real weddings. While those help build your visibility, you will also want to work with the media to get quoted, provide your expertise and build your reputation.

Tips for being published via the Rising Tide Society

6 Tips to Get Your Shoots and Weddings Published Every Time

Now that you have attended this month’s TuesdaysTogether and learned the power of public relations, you’re likely brainstorming on ways to gain both bridal attention and media exposure. If the submission process is new to you, perhaps as a photographer or you’re a wedding planner or another creative who will be assisting in the submission process, these tips are for you! To get your shoots and weddings picked up, you will need to be diligent, patient and grateful!

Small Business Story PR

How to Tell the Story of Your Business

We all want the opportunity to share our stories – and as creatives, we have great stories to share! Maybe you’re opening a new company that fills a need in your city, maybe you’re launching a new product, or maybe you’re creating a campaign that will impact others beyond your brand. You know there is something special there, but you don’t know how to tell it to the masses.

The #1 Secret to Better Website Copy

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts,” Anne Lamont declares in Bird by Bird. When composing your website copy feels more akin to hacking away at keys than blissful copywriting, that sure is a helpful line to remember. That, and the real secret to better website copy. The secret? Storytelling matters.

7 Tips for Rocking a Bridal Show | via the Rising Tide Society

7 Tips for Rocking a Bridal Show

Bridal shows are usually pretty large! Which means you probably aren't the only photographer, videographer, planner or vendor of your kind there. Try and find ways to be unique and stand out in the minds of brides who are seeing multiple of the same types of vendors throughout a small period of time.

creating a client experience | via the Rising Tide Society

Creating a Boutique Client Experience

The experience starts from the minute a client hears your name. Chances are they will go to your website, maybe click to your blog, or scroll your Instagram account. What are they seeing? What are they feeling? Are they engaged? Excited? Connected? While each of entity may feel totally separate for your business, they all play together to start giving your clients a feel of what they can expect from you should they hire you!

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