How To Expand Your Team:

Have you ever considered what it will mean for your business if you expand your team and scale your services beyond what you can personally achieve?
Expand Your Team and Grow Your Reach
By building a culture of openness, trust, and investments, you’ll be able to expand your team with ease. Photo credit: Adrienne Matz Photography
Confession Time!  A few years into owning my own business, I was still really struggling with how to manage + grow a team.  I had the leads, I just didn’t have the processes to support them.  And, when I say struggle, I’m talking big, ugly crocodile tears and threats to quit on the daily.  Have you been there?  Are you there now?
In Chancey Charm’s first year, I made only $1,300 (insert facepalm here). We all have to start somewhere, right?! Three years later, Chancey Charm earned over six figures in sales. Today, I have 13 successful locations and our team goal is half a million in sales for 2017!
The absolute BEST thing I have done in just over six years in the wedding industry is building a healthy team.
Letting others participate and take ownership in Chancey Charm has propelled it much further than I could have alone. Having an incredible team has given me valuable family time with my husband and son.  It allowed me to do the things that I LOVE in my business.
In this guide, I’m sharing my top two tips for growing your team with excellence!


I don’t have a non-compete with any of my planners. Yes, my lawyer wants to kill me. And yes I’ve had 10 women start their own businesses after leaving, BUT the secret is that it’s NEVER hurt my business. My business has exploded!
This is because I believe that people work harder when they know that they’ll get to KEEP their work, images of their work and potentially branch out on their own should their heart desire that.
They don’t feel STUCK.
This fosters a healthier work environment for them and the team.
This aspect alone drives creatives to do their best and take care of every single client as their own.  This is because they feel OWNERSHIP of their clients.


Be sure to put your associates on your website and give them a company email. You may also give them a company business card, name tag, etc.
This EMPOWERS them to represent the brand as they network and work with clients.
Give your associates a sense of BELONGING + OWNERSHIP of the brand. This gives clients a sense that they are a BIG and IMPORTANT part of your brand.
If you’re going to book associates, you need for clients to see that they can TRUST them to serve with the same talent you have.
This will help you STEP AWAY from the clients you don’t have the capacity to work with, while still making the sale over your competitors.

If you can expand your team, you can continue to grow your brand + bring in income, even on days that you are off!

How to Expand Your Team, Grow Your Reach, & Do More of What You Love by Sarah Chancey of Chancey Charm

Sarah Chancey

Hi! I’m Sarah Chancey!

Most days, you’ll find me steering my business from my home office and taking breaks to chase after my toddler son padding barefoot through the house: between Boaz and my cute husband, there’s always an Atlanta Braves game on! I’m a wedding planner, industry educator, design-loving sketch-book aficionado, and mentor to my team — serving wedding planners as they build a career they love and learn the ropes of the industry is why I’m in business.

“I wholeheartedly believe it’s possible to find a creative career with freedom and flexibility to focus on what’s important: your faith and your family.”

My planning style? It stems for interior design major studies and custom sketches melded with tech-focused online design boards: capturing a bride’s vision while encouraging her along the way is our goal — after all; you’re going to look back on your wedding for decades! I believe in creating blissful wedding days filling them with authenticity and heart — and making it stress-free, to boot!

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