November Spotlight: Passion Works

Passion Works Inspiring and Liberating the Human Spirit through the Arts |

We first heard about Passion Works earlier this year from one of our sweet brides. She wore a gorgeous necklace to her engagement session, and I remember being completely blown away by the story behind it.

The necklace came from Passion Works Studio. Passion Works is a creative and inclusive space for artists with and without disabilities. They focus on the ability of artists to change perceptions, raise awareness and beautify communities through collaboration and outstanding works of art.


Their projects include everything from jewelry to flowers, textiles and sculptures. Not only does the production of these pieces create employment for people with and without disabilities, it also generates a renewable funding stream to continue arts programming.

Passion Works works with communities through art exhibits, art installations for restaurants, window displays, parade floats and other public art pieces.

It is based in Athens, Ohio but you can visit their store online at

Krista Jones

Krista Jones is a fine art film photographer and Graphic Designer for Creative Entrepreneurs. She specializes in crafting unique brands that extend far beyond distinct typography and varying color palettes. Krista’s unique understanding of visual marketing, web design, and search engine optimization has enabled her to create dynamic identities that prosper both online and in the marketplace.