May is Self Care Month

May, 2019

Self Care

What do you think of when you hear the words “self care?” Do you immediately picture massages and wine? Or is it something deeper? Something at the core of who you are, what your business means in your life, and the improved mental health that self care activities provide?

Self care is so much more than just indulging in your favorite things. This guide dives into the importance of approaching a self care routine with dedication to your deepest needs, not just the surface-level stuff.

This month’s guide shares:

Self-care tips for overwhelemed entrepreneurs
How to create routines that care for your mental health
Best practices for overcoming perfectionism and giving yourself grace

Self Care is About Routines

Self care isn’t just something you do in a moment of desperation when your mental health is suffering. Instead, self care is a routine you practice daily that allows you to care for your mind, body, spirit, soul, and business… before the need for the proverbial massage and glass of wine. Instead, practice self care tips daily by approaching your business and life with a clear mind and set of items you prioritize each morning, day, and night; during great times; and also ones that feel overwhelming or full or grief. Make self care a routine and you’ll avoid those desperate calls for help all together. And looking for more on routines for your day? Flip to page 12 to find out how a morning routine can transform your life.

Give Yourself Grace and Let Go of the "Shoulds"

Regardless of your season of business, perfectionism, self doubt, and expectations can weigh heavy on our minds. Instead of bearing the pressure to succeed more, do more, or be more, giving yourself grace and releasing unnecessary expectations helps you see and separate the “shoulds” from the things that make you thrive and bring you joy.

Self Care Begins With Yourself

You can’t prioritize others before yourself in order to practice true self care. We are our harshest critics, so prioritize taking care of yourself first and foremost so you can excel in caring for your clients, family, and friends. Find a counselor. Talk to a friend. Take time for you. And finally, positive affirmations like in Justine’s article on page 1 can help keep your mental health positive. Remember: you area talented, successful, hard-working, and worthy creative entrepreneur. We believe it. You should, too!

What's Inside

Justine Hwang In recent years, self care has become synonymous with “take a bubble bath and pour yourself a glass of wine,” when in reality, there are routines we must practice to avoid the need for that type of “self care” in the first place. Justine shares tips for entrepreneurs to live their fullest and best business-life possible. Read More Download Guide
Joe Fischer Overwhelm can be a business crusher. But with Joe’s top three tips for overcoming overwhelm and anxiety, you’ll be able to think, feel, and operate at a new level in your life and business. The best news? These three tips cost next to nothing to implement. Read More Download Guide
Bonnie BakhtiariSeasons of grief as an entrepreneur can be difficult to find the space, daily mental health routines, and time to process through your emotions. Bonnie shares 4 tips to incorporate into your day during those seasons, and the reminder that seasons don’t last forever. Her heartfelt article is sure to encourage you during trying times. Read More Download Guide
Catrina BallardWe are our harshest critics. On the days when this fast-paced world outruns us, and we simply can’t keep up, Catrina shares a guide on how to let go of the “shoulds” and combat overwhelm. Her tips help us recognize our abilities and thrive exactly where we are, regardless of someone else’s metric of success. Read More Download Guide
Karoline RosePerfect isn’t possible. But as creative entrepreneurs dedicated to executing our vision as best as possible, perfection often is the goal. However, Karoline shares about 5 steps to overcoming perfectionism —ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and productive business, as well as greater mental health. From small-win celebrations, to suggestions for affirmations to quiet your negative self critic, to the positive impact of seeing a counselor, this article provides a tangible self care list to celebrate whom you are and the work you do. Read More Download Guide
Katie NewbergDo you ever feel the temptation to hit the snooze button one more time? To do a 30-minute social media scroll while still in bed? Or even to roll right out of the covers and into your office? With Katie’s simple formula you’ll be able to eliminate unhealthy morning habits and kick off a life-giving routine every day that will boost your heart, mind, and energy. Read More Download Guide
Kim GomezIt’s easy to think that taking time for yourself means taking time AWAY from your business. In this post, Kim is sharing tips and insights into how prioritizing your mental wellness and personal needs will actually make you MORE money. Yes, for real. Read More Download Guide
Kate AldridgeAs a freelancer and entrepreneur, your attention is naturally divided on a regular basis. However, in order to function at your peak capacity, it’s necessary to focus some attention on your own self care. Here are 5 tips to get you started. Read More Download Guide
Madison BramwellMorning routines are typically visited in the name of more productivity, more revenue, just getting more done, right? It’s rare that we stop to think about a morning routine actually making us happier throughout the day. In Madison’s post, she points out how being specifically and routinely prepared for the day can improve your mood–and the rest of the day will follow suit. Read more. Read More Download Guide
Lauren CarnesPart of truly caring for yourself as an entrepreneur is learning to plan ahead so you can take time truly off from your business. Whether you’re planning for a big life shift like maternity leave, a cross-country move, or you simply want to take an extended sabbatical for the first time, Lauren is sharing how you can be proactive and make it happen. Read More Download Guide

Disclaimer: The advice featured in this guide and on the blog was sourced from our community members for sharing general information and knowledge. For specific legal, financial, tax, mental health and professional advice, please consult an authorized professional.