SEO for Small Businesses

April, 2019

Small Business SEO

Sometimes SEO feels like too much to tackle. Figuring out how to rank on page 1 for the entire world wide web feels next to impossible most days. But as small business owners, ranking high can make all the difference in getting found and making bank.

This month’s guide explores quick start tips for SEO wins, best practices for improving your ranking, how to do a DIY SEO Audit, and more.

This month’s guide shares how to:

Get started with SEO
Understand your sitemap and how to use it
Optimizing your existing website for SEO

Start Early. Start Somewhere

The earlier you begin your SEO journey, the better. It’s no secret that paying attention to your website’s SEO from the start can help long term. But don’t avoid it just because your website has already launched and you’re feeling the overwhelm. Instead, kick off with a DIY SEO Audit per the recommendation of Abigail Dyer on page 6. The sooner you make the changes, the closer you’ll be to Page 1 ranking! And don’t forget about the importance of a sitemap. Myrna Daramy shares the importance of this little known gem on page 8.

Content is King

Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past. Instead of filling your site with unnecessary jargon and random words that might help you get found, create content that is relevant and useful for your target audience. By answering the questions they are searching for, you’re more likely to be found in a search, get repeat visitors, and ultimately turn those repeat visitors into buyers. Tools like Ubersuggest can help you find keywords relevant to your services and target audience. After all, like we remember from our Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business, the real goal of increased traffic is always increased sales. Let your content do the work for you!

Google Knows...and Wants To Help

Google knows when you’re trying to cheat the system. But they don’t leave you high and dry. Instead, take advantage of the tools Google provides such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and even Google Data Studio to work on your SEO in a way that helps set you apart. The articles below share some key insights into how to rock the Google (and other search engine!) search!

What's Inside

Graham Clark & Chris Stone Starting is often the hardest part. But it doesn’t have to be, especially when you know why SEO is important for you as a small business owner. Graham and Chris share the first three steps to get started: from meta descriptions to creating meaningful URLs to building out unique content, these tips give you a starting point when you don’t know where to begin. Read More Download Guide
Pri Kruijen When it feels like there is just one more thing to tackle on your to do list, those three little letters – SEO – can bring a lot of overwhelm. Between getting a strategy planned to automating repetitive tasks (hello, we love automation!), Pri helps you optimise your online presence and build SEO in 3 steps. Plus, she even shares how to know if SEO is right for your business (spoiler alert: it may not be!). Read More Download Guide
Abigail DyerOnce you’ve tackled the overwhelm and started on your SEO journey, an audit should be on your radar. Abigail shows you the DIY route to reaching that first page ranking and gives a peek at five steps you must always perform with doing an audit. Plus, did you know that your SEO audit should be a routine task on your list… staying on top of it is easy with her tips. Read More Download Guide
Myrna DaramyA little known hidden gem for improving your SEO as a small business is ensuring you have a sitemap in place. But what even is a sitemap? Myrna shares about what a sitemap actually is and what it does. Plus, she shares reasons you absolutely need a sitemap and the way to find out if you have one in place already. You may be one step ahead of the game! Find out in her article. Read More Download Guide
Marie LamondeWith SEO, the sooner, the better. Start now in finding your niche and creating content that reaches your audience with the click of a button. For SEO, we’re looking for quality over quantity, and Marie shares how to be relevant to Google and your audience. Remember Google knows everything, so make sure you’re following these best practices. Read More Download Guide
Rebecca EllisonEver wonder just how you should be naming your website images to boost your SEO as a small business? In an incredibly visual industry aiming to reach visual people on the internet, ALT Text, captions, and even image sizing can make or break your SEO opportunities. Rebecca offer answers to the image optimization questions you never knew to ask but definitely need to know. Read More Download Guide
Maddy JonesMaintaining visibility for your small business feels like an uphill battle. You must keep moving, but it feels like you’re getting NOWHERE. In this article, Maddy delivers small steps on the journey to starting and continuing with SEO for small business with 7 simple actions you can take now. Read More Download Guide
Kendra SwallsMaybe you’re wondering, “What is SEO and why do I need it for my small business?” This post is for you. Short answer: Ranking on Google is not another vanity metric. Google’s metrics all work to ensure that you’re delivering consistent value in your area of expertise. Even shorter answer: ranking on Google means growing your brand presence as a whole. Read More Download Guide
Breanna KuhlmannThe long game of SEO may seem a little too rocket-science for the creative-entrepreneur brain, but in this post, Breanna is giving some simple steps to add to our regular business flow. Add these steps to your monthly duty day, and you’ll be on your way to an SEO-friendly small business in no time. Read More Download Guide
Holly Birch SmithDon’t you wish you could just create all content in just images? While Google isn’t quite that advanced yet, it is possible to get those beautiful images to work for you in building your small business SEO. Have you tried these tips yet? Read More Download Guide

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