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Apply to be a Volunteer TuesdaysTogether Leader


We have been joyfully overwhelmed with the amount of interest in leading the gatherings and we can’t wait to have you as a part of the Rising Tide Society! Due to the fact that many cities have multiple leaders stepping up to organize groups in the same local areas, we’re now requiring all Tuesdays Togther Leaders to complete a formal Application Process so that we can maintain a sense of order and balance!

If you would like to lead a Formal Group that is recognized and listed on the Website, please complete the application below. Remember that you are welcome to host smaller private groups with close friends separate from the ones listed on the website! We are genuinely grateful for all of your support and we can’t wait to see where this movement goes!

Please Apply Here »

*Leaders will be added to the Facebook Group once their applications have been processed and accepted! We understand that many of you are eager to join, so please be patient and understanding that it may take a while to process the hundreds of applications we’re anticipating and selecting a single point person for each region!  It can take up to three months for your application to be processed.* *By submitting an application you understand that this is a volunteer position. *

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