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We have been joyfully overwhelmed with the amount of interest in leading local chapters and we can’t wait to have you as a part of Rising Tide! We require all Tuesdays Together Leaders and Co-Leaders to complete a formal Application Process. We understand that many of you are eager to join. It takes up to 8 weeks to process the high volume of applications received!

Leadership applications are closed until Spring 2019. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Leaders are volunteers and can expect an 8-hour time commitment monthly depending on the size of the group. We have 3 main expectations of leaders:

  1. Meet once a month.
  2. Make sure members know when and where you are meeting so new members can easily join or existing members can invite friends.
  3. Be an example of “community over competition” locally. This means being welcoming and inclusive of all creative industries from hobbyist to seasoned expert regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc.

The Rising Tide team provides all the resources leaders need to plan their monthly meetings from setting topics of the month to producing guides for the community to use. We also set up a Facebook group for each local chapter to use as an online meeting place to share information, support each other, seek advice, and stay connected between meetings.


  1. I’m interested in the volunteer leadership for my community!! The closest existing Tuesday Together is in Jackson, MS. It is almost 3 hours from me. I’m excited to start this in my community! Thanks so much!!

  2. Hi there! I’m moving from Alaska to Oklahoma and OKC area chapter is the closest to me but not active. Last post was in 2018 last year. I’d like to make it active and get it going! I come from a very active chapter in Alaska and can’t live without my monthly meetings!

  3. I’m also interested in leading a Tuesday Together in my community. The closest one is around 45 minutes away. We have so many growing small businesses in our community that I feel this would be a great and positive thing to lead. I have asked if anyone would be interested in joining a meetup group like this and I’ve had several inquiries about it! Can’t wait for the applications to open up so that I can apply! Thank you for starting this! What an awesome idea to bring business owners together and empower one another.

  4. Please let me know when applications are open. I would like to start one in my community as our closest TT group is an hour in any direction. I have spoken with several businesses who are eager to get one in our area as well and already have meet up locations ready to go. Can’t wait!

  5. I would LOVE to know when registration is open! We’ve been waiting for a couple months now to start one in Jackson, TN!

  6. I would love to start a chapter in my community! We have a large vendor community that is having to commute at least an hour away to attend TT groups. I think it would be great to nourish what we have going on locally and I can’t wait for applications to open up again!


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