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3 Steps to Booking More Clients with Facebook Ads

“I need to spend more time on Facebook”, said nobody ever….Unless of course, you’re a business owner. Lately, every smart business owner I talk to is either raving about how well Facebook Ads are working, or regretting that they didn’t prioritized advertising on Facebook sooner.

Join us on Wednesday's webinar, as Nate Grahek shares how to utilize Facebook Ads to grow your business and get booked!

For better or worse, more people every day, including your potential and ideal clients, are spending their time on Facebook.  Facebook is where they are.  You just need to know how to find them.

Remember the good old days? Back when every time you posted to your business page EVERYONE who liked your page SAW YOUR POST.  If you were there then, you remember how awesome this was.  But as they say, all good things must come to end. Or rather, all free services eventually need to figure out how to make a profit.

Facebook did not handle the transition from free to paid advertising well. I know a lot of entrepreneurs even felt betrayed as Facebook slowly but surely (and without much warning) began pulling the throttle back on the amount of people who saw each of our business page posts. I sincerely believe that it’s because of this that so many photographers, especially those of us who tried boosting posts early on (which was so ineffective that it felt like salt in the wound), are hesitant to revisit a Facebook Advertising strategy.

Since the initial change, many creatives have slowly begun to revisit the powerful marketing engine within Facebook.  Again, like it or not, Facebook tracks and knows a lot about each of us.  Our demographics, if we own or rent our house, if our children are in highschool, how much money we earn, and more. As a result, there is simply no other advertising platform available that allows you to so specifically pinpoint and target the people you want to advertise too.

We have heard so many success stories that prove the point.  For example, in one campaign, wedding photographer Brandon Hunter booked five weddings in less than a month, with less than an a $160 ad spend.  High school senior portrait photographer, Melanie Anderson booked over 15 seniors and spent less that $300 on Facebook ads. I could go on and on….

If this sounds like something that you’d like to learn more about, I’m excited to offer Honeybook users a webinar that walks you through the most common mistakes small business owners make and tell you how you can fix them. 

Are you making any of these three common mistakes in your Facebook Ads?

Three Most Common Mistakes Creatives Make Trying to Run Facebook Ads

  1. Sending Facebook Ads traffic to your homepage.

Your website is already doing too much. When we send paid traffic to our homepages, visitors get overwhelmed and distracted. Traffic coming from Facebook ads have an even shorter attention span than normal traffic. You need to keep visitors focused on your goal, I will show you how in our webinar.

  1. Having no clear and simple call to action.

Nobody gets married on the first date. Nobody is going to book you if they’ve never heard of you or your brand, after just clicking on your ad. You need to slow it down and break the big decision down into smaller, bite size choices that are easier to say yes to.

  1. Boosting a post.

It doesn’t work. Boosting a post is paying for your ads to go to WAY too many people who don’t care.  Plus, they probably aren’t your ideal clients. You have to dig into Facebook’s Ad Manager to create effective ads. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry.  It’s easier than it was and I will walk you through the steps to take to get it right.

I look forward to seeing you in the webinar!  I’ll be sharing more case studies that demonstrate how others are profitably booking clients with Facebook Ads. As a special bonus I will also share how you can use the new workflow features recently launched in Honeybook to help you turn even more warm Facebook leads into booked clients on your calendar, automatically!

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