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Ashley Crouch

Ashley Crouch is an award-winning visibility strategist, the founder of Appleseed Communications. Every client served helps support a woman business owner in 13 resource-poor nations, such as the Philippines, Kenya, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Cambodia. Ashley contributes to Forbes, The New YorkTimes, Business Insider, Fast Company, TIME, Huffington Post, Refinery29, and more. She has trained over 1200 people worldwide on visibility and publicity strategy. She is an international speaker on media literacy, publicity strategy, and entrepreneurship, speaking to audiences at Princeton University, University of Texas at Austin, Altitude Summit, WeWork, DocuSign, SheWorx, United Health Corporation, and Lady Project National Summit. Ashley and her businesses have been featured in American Express OPEN,, Huffington Post, The Sydney Telegraph, International Business Times, SWAAY, and Darling Magazine. She was a Forbes Under 30 Nominee for 2017 in Social Entrepreneurship and lives in Malibu, California.

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