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Batching Client Projects for More Freedom in Your Creative Business

Let me guess, when you started your business your days were filled with juggling writing blog posts, working on client projects, sending invoices, and then 3 PM hit and you remembered, ‘oh no, I haven’t posted on Instagram in a week!’

Your to do list started to dictate your life, and as a solopreneur, all the tasks were on you to complete. Team? Nah, there was no team to pass different parts of your workload off to. Just you slogging at your to do list every day.

I hope that one day, you stumbled upon the idea of how to batch tasks. If not, today is that day for you, and from one business owner to another let me say, batching tasks will change the way you run your business for the better!

Here is how I batch tasks weekly:

The constant back and forth of working on different areas of my business used to kill my productivity and was an exhausting process day after day. I’d get sucked down the rabbit hole of social media every time I opened Instagram while I was thinking of what to post.

I’m sure you know the struggle.

Being able to batch tasks in my business was a game changer for how much I was able to accomplish in a day, and how I felt about my business; empowered, not exhausted!

Yet when it comes to client projects, most of us are still running on the hamster wheel just trying to keep up.

And I have to challenge you today and ask, why? Why are you not batching your client projects the way you’re batching your business tasks?

Squarespace Website designer batching client projects

If we’ve learned that batching business tasks leads us to be more productive and enjoy our work more, why are we not applying this idea to other areas of our businesses?

I have a feeling the answer is, you just didn’t think it was possible! You didn’t know batching client work was even a thing!

I’m here to tell you it is, and it will revolutionize your business.

A quick intro to batching client projects

Batching your client projects means setting aside a block of time to work on their project, and only take on one project at a time.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at how this looks in my business.

I’m a Squarespace website designer and I take on just one client project at a time! Yep, one client. It’s a dream come true for both the client and myself.

I build my clients site in week one, and then we work on edits, functionality and SEO in the second week.

My clients website launches on the Friday of week two and then I’m on to the next one!

A dream, right?

Imagine just having one clients emails that need a quick response.

Or just having one project to dedicate your creativity, focus and mental power to.

How about having uninterrupted silence when you’re working because no other clients need you!

In case you’re not yet convinced that this new version of running your business would be a dream, let me load you up with the benefits.

The benefits reach far beyond just your own mental sanity!

4 benefits of batching client projects

Squarespace Website designer batching client projects

1. The value you’re providing goes up, which means your prices can go up

Let’s be honest, we all like getting attention, especially if it’s undivided attention!

When you dedicate to one client at a time, you’re completing your clients project in record time. It would near impossible for another web designer to knock out a site in 2 weeks when juggling multiple projects at the same time. Therefore, my quick turnaround time becomes a selling point.

I’m providing more value by giving my clients both my undivided attention, and completing a massive part of their business in just 2 weeks.

As such, my prices are higher than the average in my industry and clients are still gleeful to pay them and lock down one of my design dates.

2. Speedy client communication

When clients know that they have your attention for a specified period of time, they make you and your project together a priority.

This leads to super speedy client communication, and never having to pull teeth to get feedback.

3. Scarcity in your availability

We all know that scarcity sells, but figuring out how to add an element of scarcity to our service-based businesses can be tough!

In the product world, it’s pretty easy to say ‘only 3 left!’ but when it comes to service-based businesses, it’s not so simple.

When you are batching client projects, you can use the scarcity of your availability to your advantage.

“There’s just 2 more dates available before the New Year!”

4. Fall in love with your business again

When you get the proper time and silence to dedicate to your client, you can produce your best work.

How terrible does it feel to love your client but have that feeling of ‘I know I could have done that better, but life was just so crazy when we were working together.’

With batching client projects, life doesn’t need to be crazy anymore. You have control of your time, and you get to give your current project your all, no distractions included.

When you get to produce your best work, you will fall in love with your business all over again! So I’m here to say, give batching client projects a chance, I just know you’ll love it!


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