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[Video] Engage Your Audience With Video

Oh snaps – I didn’t, I didn’t realize you were here. What’s up guys? My name is Marvin and I am the owner of MK Flav Video, but most importantly I’m actually a mod here in this Facebook group. Before I even get started, I just want to say I love this community. I live and breathe Rising Tide. I’m so about, all about community over competition. That’s why I chose to become a leader and I’m so excited to be here to talk to you all about the thing I love, most importantly, is video.

But before I even get into that, I kind of want to just set the stage here. I know this whole, what everything is going on is super serious and I don’t want to downplay how people are feeling when people are going through. So if you are going through some things and you need to, like, take a break from business or social media – do that. Give yourself some grace when it comes to this.

Like, it’s the first time we’ve ever dealt with this. You know, no one really knows what to do. I just know for me, personally, I know for a lot of people, it’s more so about, like, keeping moving, staying busy, and keeping in mind off of all the terrible situations going on – just focus on positive.

So this is-this is me doing that, you know, so if I can give any advice or any type of motivation is just to keep-keep moving, stay busy. We’re going to get through this. This is a tough time, but honestly if we stick together and, as a community, we come together, we stay positive and try to stay busy, man, we gonna get through this and I hope this video helps you out.

So I wanted to talk to you about how to communicate with your audience right now using video. As we can see we can’t come together a lot, and this is kind of a means of how we communicate nowadays. Everybody’s focusing on social media, everyone’s on live, everyone’s trying to do video. So I just wanted to throw out some tips and some advice to you all about this.

Use Your Voice

So my number one tip is to just use your voice, you know, show up for your audience right now. So here’s how you show up right now using video to your audience. It’s just to show up – use your voice. If you haven’t dabbled into the world of video, let me just give you an important reason why you should be using video right now.

One–you can’t get this face-to-face connection right now but you watching this you can feel like I’m there with you. I’m here with you right now. I probably recorded this video a couple of days ago and you’re just now seeing it so, you know, I’m not actually here right now. Video exists outside of time and space. That’s what makes video so powerful because it can be in places you’re not. It can be a multiple places.

So many people could be watching this video and I’m not even here right now. I’m over here, over there. You know, that’s just the powers of what video can do for you and to use it to save some time or help you build a relationship like what I’m doing right now. You probably never heard of me before, but now you see me, get to understand who I am, what I’m about, and learn from me, and this is what the power video can do for you.

Show Up For You Audience

For anyone who hasn’t dabbled into the world of video now is the time to show up for your audience, for your people. We’re in uncertain times right now, and we need leaders. We need people to step up and to give us some type of certainty and the only certainty that I know is that I care for my clients and I’m going to do whatever I can to help my clients.

So use your voice to show and talk to your to audience and your clients that-that you’re here for them. Yes, your email may be great. Yes, your post on Facebook may be great, but being able to them to see you and talk to them right now, as I’m doing to y’all, can do wonders for you right now. So use your voice, show up, send personalized video emails.

Now, I know this really cool Chrome extension called Soapbox where you can, in two clicks, you can send a video to your clients and attach it right into the email. It’s super easy, super quick. It’s just another layer of connection you can send to your-your clients than the email. Just send a video, you know, they can see your face, they can really see into your eyes and see how you feel and talk to them. It’s almost like you’re there face-to-face, 

Video allows you to connect in such a way that’s so powerful, you know, you can bring people into your reality, you can connect with people on such a deeper level by using video, and what a way to do that right now when we can’t come together, where we can’t connect as we used to.

Find Our What Your Audience Needs

What does your audience need right now? Figure out what they need to hear right now to get them through this tough time, whether you are a painter, or you’re an artist, you’re a massage therapist, figure out what your audience needs to hear to help them get through this time. You know, you may not be able to provide a one-on-one service, but what type of video, what type of value can they-that you provide that they can use on themselves right now this time because when this is all over, who do you think they’re going to think about? They’re going to think about you because you were the one that was showing up, giving them value, providing tips on how to, you know, leverage whatever situation that they’re in and still be able to get some type of value or service. 

Now, it’s not going to replace it entirely but it allows you to show up, allows them to learn from you and now they just have this extra sense of connection that you’ll be able to bring to them by using video. And, yes, people may not buy from you right now, right? But when this is all over who do you think they’re going to think about? The person that was showing up, the person that was giving them awesome tips and value by showing up, by using video.That’s who they’re going to think about when this is all over. 

And I know a lot of you are probably thinking, “But Marvin, I don’t got this, I don’t got these lights, I don’t got this camera, I’m afraid, I got fear.” But guess what? I’m just like you. There’s nothing different for me than you that allows me to be able to do this. The only thing that allows me to do this as I know that this is not about me.

You know this every time I put out a piece of content, every time I record a video, I’m always thinking about you. I’m thinking about the viewer, I’m thinking about what they need to know, and I’m thinking about how I want them to feel. So what I’m thinking is I want you to feel encouraged, I want you to feel like you got this, that you can do this. You can record yourself and make a video because I know that the value that you’re going to be able to bring to your people is going to be awesome, and the fact that they can see you and feel like they can connect with you, and they’re not really there, or not there right now, that’s going to be more important than how you sound, how you look on camera, the lights, the camera. All that does not matter.

Be Yourself To Overcome Fear

 In my circles, we don’t talk about gear—we’re not just talking about the latest camera, the newest tech we’re talking about, yo, how can we bring our clients value? How can we get people results? That’s the only thing we talked about when it comes to video. I don’t want you to feel like, “Oh, I don’t got a camera.” You got a phone. You got it. You can do it, man.

Like, you can do this too, and the way you can do this is by building a relationship with the camera. Think about the first time you met someone. You’re probably a little reserved. You know, I wouldn’t say you were shy but you were reserved, you didn’t show your true selves, you know, but over time you get to know the person, you know, they see you in different places, you get to feel like you know them. It’s not like you didn’t know how to talk.

They have to know you. You became more of yourself. And that’s what you need to do – when you get on camera. Just be yourself because that’s what comes off as confident. That’s what comes off as, “I know what I’m talking about. I know I can do this because I’m coming across confident because I’m just being myself.”

I don’t have a suit. You don’t see more in a suit trying to be all business. Like this is me. This is what I’m about. You know, and you probably think oh, wow, he’s good on camera just, like, no, I’m just coming across more confident because I’m being myself and that’s all you need to do is build a relationship with the camera.

And the way you do that is by just showing up, keep coming up, you know. If you want to practice, get on some Instagram stories, or you can record your own videos and never have to post them.  Just because you record something doesn’t mean you have to – people have to see light of day. There’s tons of videos

I recorded that people have not even seen.

So use that as a motivation to let this fear of getting on camera, or feel like you’re awkward on camera, and get that out of here. Just be yourself, you know, because that’s – that’s what’s going to make you come across more confident and make it seem like, you know what you’re doing, okay.

I hope this helps. I hope you see the whole wonderful world of video on how you can use it to connect

with your audience right now this time. If you’re looking for me, if you need to reach out to me, I’ll definitely be in the comments, but I am also on Instagram @MKFlavVideo and all my social medias, my website,, and I’m here in the community, so if you need to chat, I’m here.

So, thank you again to The Rising Tide community. Thank you again for watching and I can’t wait to hear from you. Stay safe, be well.

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