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This marketing agency owner scaled up two brands to double year-over-year revenue with HoneyBook

Two brands under one business, over seven figures in revenue. Learn how Moises Cardenas scaled up a multi-brand business after winning the opportunity to work with HoneyBook Pros. 

Life without HoneyBook would be erratic and crazy. It really ensures you're showing up professionally

For marketing consultants, differentiation is key. Not only in your services, but in the value you provide, in the way you communicate, and in the way you service clients. 

Moises Cardenas realized this firsthand with his multi-brand business. By offering full-scope marketing services, he already had a key advantage against more niche marketing agencies. However, his wedding videography brand wasn’t separate, and it was difficult to attract and book two different types of clients for each offering. 

After winning a HoneyBook promotion that paired him with free services from HoneyBook Pros, he was able to differentiate his brands, create more professional processes, and ultimately increase his bookings and revenue for the entire business. 

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About Moises Cardenas and SC Studios

SC Studios

Like many business owners, Moises initially started freelancing on the side of his full-time role in digital marketing. After five years of working on the side for additional income, he hit a point where he knew he wanted more of the freedom, autonomy, and control that working for yourself full time provides. 

After he put his two weeks’ notice in, he immediately got started building SC Studios. As a full-service digital marketing agency, he offers everything from social media marketing to web design, video marketing services, app development, and more for corporate clients.

Under the same business, Moises offers two brands: SC Studios for corporate marketing clients, and a separate wedding videography service called SC Wedding Films

Now almost four years later, he operates with six employees who are all fully trained to perform every facet of marketing, which allows him to provide quality work regardless of what each client needs and who is working with them. 

His challenge: creating more differentiation between two offerings

At the start of his business, Moises was offering both full-scale marketing services and wedding videography, though there wasn’t much differentiation between the branding and the booking processes for each. 

Ultimately, that led to confusion since potential clients would fill out the form for weddings on the corporate site or not even realize they offered wedding services, and vice versa. Since the two offerings were so different, Moises knew they needed more differentiation. 

After a call with his mentors, Jake Weisler and Nate Teahan of Runaway Vows, he realized that the wedding market needed a different feel. Ultimately, he needed a more technical, professional feel for his corporate marketing services versus branding that tapped into the emotional side of his wedding services. 

Winning the opportunity to level up his business through HoneyBook

In 2022, HoneyBook offered a promo where members could win a bundle of services from the HoneyBook Pros. Since the Pros offer everything from systems set up to brand strategy and design, it was a great opportunity for business owners to reach the next level of their business without putting in their own time and investment. 

Moises applied and detailed his goals, which included improving his branding for public channels while working to solidify his business when he hadn’t had the time to do so before. He was also eager to incorporate more consistency in his business through automations and more standardized processes. 

Moises ended up winning the first-tier prize due to his goals and vision, which meant he had $6,000 to work with any HoneyBook Pros and improve his business. 

Working with the HoneyBook Pros to create unique, automated processes

After winning the promo, Moises chose to work with Ally Bauer on design and Regina Martinez on systems setup. 

Ally led a rebrand for the wedding side of his business, while Regina established file templates and automations for both sides of the business. 

After only a few months, he had: 

  • A newly redesigned website for his wedding business
  • A fully built-out process for wedding clients, including a seven-step automation
  • Brand new custom file templates in HoneyBook for proposals and contracts
SC Wedding Films

Ultimately, the work they did streamlined steps that he and his team had been doing manually. He was also able to establish greater differentiation between his brands and leverage more robust and professional templates that enabled faster booking. 

Winning the grant and getting our branding to where we wanted it to be was a huge game changer. It felt like our work was finally reflected in our branding.

Moises’s clientflow inside HoneyBook: impressing clients at every touch point 

Through a more differentiated experience, Moises now offers a unique process for potential clients–one for people inquiring about corporate marketing, and one for people inquiring about wedding videography. 

Initial inquiry kicks off multi-step automation

Both sets of clients can inquire through his separate websites, which now have a unique look and feel. The two sites are also SEO optimized and attract organic traffic, so the different brands ensure there’s no confusion about what’s offered once people land on each site. 

Moises uses a unique HoneyBook contact form for each offering, through which he asks for clients’ budget, services needed, contact information, and more. When clients inquire through his wedding videography form, it triggers a HoneyBook automation that kicks off several key steps:

  • A thank you email with a link to sample videos
  • An interactive file with his process, portfolio, packages, and pricing that allows clients to make their service selections
  • Two follow up emails with a task reminder to archive the project if there’s no response
  • An initial questionnaire that sends if the client completes their initial payment
SC Wedding Films brochure template

From the first “thank you” to payment confirmation, the only step his team needs to do manually is to customize a proposal file template and ensure the client’s desired date is available once they make their service selections. 

HoneyBook has been a pivotal part in freeing up time for me to focus on continuing to grow the business, and every year we’ve been able to double our revenue from the year before.

More automation enables personalization with the clients who need it

Because the automation sequence takes care of most of what he needs with wedding clients, Moises can free up time to provide a more personalized experience for his corporate marketing clients. 

When I send a proposal out, I feel confident that no one else is going to have a proposal that looks as detailed and great as ours.

Because he offers so many different marketing services, he asks for each client’s needs in his contact form first. From there, he can select the proposal template that best fits their needs and customize it to include exactly what they’re looking for. Once a client books, he then uses automations to check in with them at key project milestones. 

Professional templates encourage booking and upselling 

With beautifully designed and branded templates, Moises and his team are immediately showcasing what sets them apart from other businesses. When clients receive a proposal, for instance, they feel like they’re receiving marketing services from a bigger, enterprise-level company. 

With greater professionalism, it also makes it easier to upsell to clients. Though his marketing clients receive customized proposals, the template also includes their other services, allowing clients to add on more than what they were initially asking for. 

SC Studios marketing proposal

With the templates we use, clients have said we are easily the most qualified for their needs.

The results: increased bookings and revenue year over year

  • Reached over 7 figures in revenue
  • Doubled year-over-year revenue
  • 50% increase in bookings year over year for both brands

After winning the opportunity to work with HoneyBook Pros, Moises was able to differentiate his brands and create more segmented processes for each one. 

Most of the work that Moises and his team were doing manually is now streamlined into automated steps and reusable templates, helping him book more clients with less work. 

Because of how easy it is to create processes for multiple brands, Moises is now looking into adding an additional brand to his HoneyBook account. He feels confident that the systems and processes the HoneyBook Pros set up will enable him to continue growing and expanding his businesses. 

Life without HoneyBook would be erratic and crazy. It really ensures you’re showing up professionally.

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