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The power of perseverance and freeing yourself from a scarcity mindset

Reclaiming Hayley Paige: The power of perseverance

💡Believe that two things can be true: you can pursue your passion while being business-savvy.

Big news: Cheval, formerly known as Hayley Paige, is now Hayley Paige again! Nine months ago, she joined us on the show to talk about her lawsuit with her former employer. This lawsuit stripped her of her rights to use her name and brand, and that situation is what birthed Cheval. 

In May of 2024, it was announced that she regained full ownership and control of the Hayley Paige brand and intellectual property rights, and she can now use her name. She is back today to share how she’s doing in light of the news, her evolution as a person and business owner within this journey, and what is next for her in this new season.

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Reclaiming Hayley Paige

Hayley did not expect to be able to use her name ever again, and her mindset was to move forward with her life. She adopted a new name, Cheval, and began designing shoes under that name. That didn’t keep her from pursuing legal action to reclaim her name, which paid off. She officially has ownership over her name and can legally use Hayley Paige again. 

Hayley has been wrapped up in this lawsuit for the last three years, and while it wasn’t an easy time, she experienced an abundance of personal growth and character development. Instead of looking at her situation as an ending, she challenged herself to find a new path forward. 

Instead of letting her circumstances control her destiny, Hayley got in the driver’s seat. Now that she’s reunited with her original name and brand, her relationship with her story changes as she enters her next chapter.

How to make the most of new opportunities

It’s easy to hope that the next opportunity that comes your way is the big one that will change your life. Business owners often put all of their hopes into that opportunity and get disappointed when it doesn’t have the outcome they wanted. Many give up because they don’t think another big opportunity will come around for them.

This process is fueled by a mindset of scarcity. The way to break out of this cycle is to be patient and believe that “two things can be true.” You can chase your dream and make the most of every opportunity while also being strategic in your business. You should also think abundantly and believe that more opportunities will come your way and that maybe this wasn’t the right one for you at this time. 

Using grit to navigate difficult seasons in your business

Looking back on her journey, Hayley is grateful for the grit that carried her through this difficult season of life and business. She’s proud of who she became during the journey and is excited to take that new version of herself back into bridal. She feels more secure in herself and like she can handle hard things, and she wants to share what she’s learned with others. 

What’s next for Hayley Paige and Cheval

Hayley is excited to merge her old and new identities. She plans to design bridal gowns under the name Hayley Paige again and continue designing shoes under the name Cheval, and will treat them as sister brands. She’s also looking forward to planning her wedding with her finance.

Through this process, Hayley has learned that the days that are hardest for your ego are extremely impactful for your soul.

The biggest differentiator between the businesses that succeed and the ones that fail

Hayley believes that the biggest differentiator between the businesses that succeed and the ones that fail is not quitting. You have to want it more than you’re afraid of it and approach setbacks with enthusiasm. 

Important sections of the conversation

  • [1:57] Reclaiming Hayley Paige
  • [15:29] How to make the most of new opportunities
  • [19:04] Using grit to navigate difficult seasons in your business
  • [22:04] What’s next for Hayley Paige and Cheval
  • [31:19] The biggest differentiator between the businesses that succeed and the ones that fail

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