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Client portal software that has it all

Our client portal software provides an organized place for clients to review files, send messages, and make payments — so you’re always on the same page.

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Client portal software that has it all

Finally, files and communications in one organized place

for you and your clients, too.

The client portal software provides an organized space built for you and your clients

  • Keep emails, documents, and payments in one place
  • Track activity history, status changes, and updates
  • Simplify communication and decision-making
  • Let clients access from anywhere
Patrick Hellenga
Patrick Hellenga

Patrick Hellenga

Film Makers (and Taco Lovers), Shore & Summit Storytelling

HoneyBook has completely changed the way I’m able to communicate with my clients and keep things organized! My previous system was a mess and I’m thankful to have discovered HoneyBook when I did!

Brand your client portal software so it feels like you

  • Customize your client portal login screen
  • Use your own custom domain
  • Integrate your client portal software into your website
  • Create a consistent client experience
Ashley Osuagwu
Ashley Osuagwu

Ashley Osuagwu

Principal Interior Designer, Essential N Design

HoneyBook is a great tool for a start-up business like myself, it's user friendly, professional, and customizable, with added, unexpected and helpful features.

Protect your business and your clients

  • Require password for login, or allow for login-less access
  • Captured all your client history, so nothing gets lost
  • Document everything - like contracts, emails, due dates, and other key info
Kelly Heck
Kelly Heck

Kelly Heck

Photographer, Kelly Heck Photography

The project stages keep me on track, automate invoices, and my customers feel safe. HoneyBook makes me more professional, and the resulting ROI has been outstanding.

Level-up your client experience with the power of HoneyBook

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Client portal software features


Help organize accounting, invoices, payments, and communications with ease

Unlimited storage

Combine all of the essential client portal software tools you need in one simple platform

Custom domain

Customize your client portal software to keep your brand front and center

Online payment processing

Make it easy to send an online invoice and collect payments anytime, anywhere

Client portal software FAQs

What is a client portal?

How do my clients access their client portal?

What will my clients see in the client portal software?

How does using client portal software give me a competitive advantage?

Is the client portal branded for my business or HoneyBook?

It’s free to try.

We hope you do.

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