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Templates for every stage of your process

Reply to inquiries and bring in new clients with templates that sell your services.

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Your client

Your client

Pick a template to match your process.

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Proposal opened
Proposal opened
Proposal opened
Service selected
Service selected
Service selected
Contracts signed
Contracts signed
Contracts signed
Payment received
Payment received
Payment received

Clients open a unique link to access their file.

Works on desktop or mobile.

Automated payment reminders

Create interactive files that book clients faster

Combine any steps of your process to save time, impress clients, and keep projects flowing.

Best practices, built in

Polished designs, proven results

Templates are backed by a decade of client behavior insights from top-performing businesses.

Tailored for the work you do

Discover templates optimized for your industry and the unique clients you serve.

Always at your fingertips

Notifications and read receipts show you client progress and where projects stand—whether you’re at your desk or on the go.
Traditional PDFs and documents
HoneyBook smart files
Combine multiple steps into a single client experience.
Personalize for each client without starting from scratch.
Easily customize branding, prices, client details, or contract terms.
Get notified as clients open files, select services, sign, and pay.
Accept credit cards and bank transfers.
Track invoices and automate payment reminders.
Keep communication, calendar, contracts, and payments in one place.

For anyone with clients

Whatever you do, HoneyBook gives you all the tools to get it done.



Business Consultants

Web Designers

Marketing Consultants

Event Planners





...and virtual assistants, graphic designers, rental businesses, interior designers, djs, entertainers, hair and makeup artists, and more.

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When I found smart files, I was looking for a way to build custom proposals for every client because not every client or event is the same


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