The Best Free Invoice Templates for Business Consultants

Invoicing (while important!) takes time away from your important client projects. Using HoneyBook, you can get that time back by creating stylish invoices with custom business consultant invoice templates. And you can share them online to get paid sooner.

The Best Free Invoice Templates for Business Consultants

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Want to create professional invoices for your clients? Use HoneyBook’s business consultant invoice templates. In just a few minutes, you can turn them into stylish, on-brand invoices. Then, simply post them in your online client portal to get paid faster.

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Want Invoice Templates Made Just for Business Consultants?

Brand Consulting Invoice

Brand Consulting

Support businesses and entrepreneurs in the creation and maintenance of their brands? This is the template for you.

Social Media Consulting Invoice

Social Media Consulting

Specialize in developing a social media strategy for personal brands and businesses? Grab this template to make invoicing easy.

SEO Consulting Invoice

SEO Consulting

Help your clients optimize their website, improve their content marketing, or create a general SEO strategy for all their digital marketing? Use this template.

 Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

Between regular client meetings, research, project planning, and deliverables -- running a consulting business is a lot of work. And when you couple that with the time it takes to respond to new inquiries, create proposals, draft contracts, and invoice clients, your work can quickly take over your life.

HoneyBook gives you back your time, by automating all the routine tasks that keep you in business. You can create profiles for leads and add business documents as the project progresses. You can also create beautiful proposals, contracts, and invoices with custom templates -- and send them through your client portal to make onboarding fast and easy. And throughout the engagement, you can accept payments directly through HoneyBook to keep everything professional and organized.

At the same time, your clients can view their intake form, proposal, contract, invoice, and payment history in their own branded client portal. Everything you need to look professional to your clients and run your business efficiently can be found in HoneyBook.

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How to Customize Your Business Consultant Invoice Template Like a Pro

How to Customize Your Business Consultant Invoice Template Like a Pro

First things first, you need to pick an invoice template that matches your consulting services and customize it to fit your branding. When you’re happy with it, you can go ahead and plug in your business and client info, including:

  • The invoice number, based on your invoice numbering system (like 001 or #1)
  • Your business information and logo
  • Your client’s information
  • The date you send the invoice, and the date payment is due
  • An explanation of all services included
  • The cost of each service
  • Any business taxes or discounts you’re offering
  • Any extra information your clients need to successfully pay the invoice (like where to go)

Once you’ve entered in the relevant information, you can hit send. The invoice will be added to HoneyBook’s online client portal, where your clients can pay it directly with a debit or credit card. And, to save you some extra time, HoneyBook will automatically email your clients to let them know they have a new invoice available.

Create Professional Consulting Invoices in 3 Easy Steps

Select Template & Customize

Select Template & Customize

Select the invoice template that best matches your services and edit the design to match your brand. You can swap out stock images for your own and add your logo to brand the invoice.
Enter Invoice Details

Enter Invoice Details

Next, add all the important details into the designated fields to make payment as easy as possible. Be sure to include your client’s information, your business details, and a description and price for each service to eliminate back and forth.
Calculate Cost & Send

Calculate Cost & Send

Lastly, direct HoneyBook to factor in any required taxes or discounts, and click send. Your invoice will be posted in your client portal and an email will be sent to let clients know they have a new invoice waiting for them.

7 Types of Invoices for Business Consultants

Whether you charge clients at the beginning and end of a project or you invoice throughout, HoneyBook’s templates can help you create stunning invoices for each and every client engagement. This includes:

7 Types of Invoices for Business Consultants
  • Standard Invoice: Create a basic invoice to send out when the project is done.
  • Recurring Invoice: Bill clients regularly for meetings and deliverables, by sending monthly or bi-weekly invoices.
  • Prepayment Invoice: Send an invoice for deposits due at project booking.
  • Time-Based Invoice: Create and send invoices, effortlessly, for hourly consulting work.
  • Credit Invoice: Update clients when you issue refunds or when their accounts have positive balances.
  • Debit Invoice: Notify clients when payments are due and when they’re overdue.
  • Mixed Invoice: Share account charges and credits on the same billing statement

Why Do Business Consultants Need Online Invoices?

Get paid fast

It can be frustrating if invoices pile up or you have to put a project on hold while you wait on a payment. And when clients drag their feet at the end of a project, it can be even more stressful. HoneyBook eliminates all of these issues, by allowing you to send invoices online and letting your clients pay them in a secure client portal. If clients look like they’re dragging their feet, HoneyBook sends out invoice reminder emails automatically, to keep your bill top-of-mind.

Deliver a Personalized Client Experience

No matter how many clients you take on, consulting is a very personalized activity. But using generic templates can take away from that personalization, by making your clients feel like an afterthought. HoneyBook allows you to create branded invoices quickly, and share them in a similarly branded client portal. This means all of your client touchpoints will be aligned with your branding and perfectly tailored to your clients.

Simplify Taxes, Discounts & Installments

You don’t have the time to calculate tax percentages or manually recreate invoices for payment plans. Luckily, if you use HoneyBook, you don’t have to. By simply checking a few boxes and clicking a button, HoneyBook will do all the math for you. And if you want to break up your payments into installments, you can do with a few clicks, too.

Spend Your Time Consulting

The truth is, invoicing is a time suck. It pulls you away from your clients, your projects and your own marketing. HoneyBook is here to make sure you can spend more of your time on the projects that matter most by providing custom business consultant invoice templates, sending automatic payment reminders, and processing payments for you.

Why Do Business Consultants Need Online Invoices?

The Best Business Software for Business Consultants



Streamline your onboarding process by using custom business consultant templates to create professional, on-brand proposals. Then, send over your proposal with a contract and an invoice to kick off the project, quickly.


Protect your business with professional client contracts. Simply pick out a freelance consulting contract template, populate it with your legal terms and conditions, add your clients’ info into the smart fields, and click send. Your clients can access the contract from their online portal, and HoneyBook will notify you the moment they sign, so you can move to the next step.

All-in-One Solution

Spend less time toggling (and less money paying for multiple tools), by using business consultant software like HoneyBook to manage your internal processes. Everything from contracts and invoices to payments and scheduling is housed in one place. And you can use HoneyBook as a CRM to organize your client information and streamline communication throughout the project.

Mobile app

Work from anywhere, including on the go. Share business forms while you run errands. Check on action items on your way to the pool. And communicate with clients effortlessly, while chasing your kids around the house. No matter where you are and what you’re doing, you can manage your business by simply tapping a few buttons on HoneyBook’s mobile app.


Manage your calendar without lifting a finger, by handing off your scheduling to HoneyBook. Just set your availability, embed your calendar link into an email in your welcome sequence, and let your clients schedule when it’s convenient for them.

Online Payments

Stress less about getting paid, by using HoneyBook to accept credit and debit payments, directly. You can track payments in real-time, send automatic payment reminders, and even give your clients the flexibility to set up autopay. Together, these features make invoicing and payment processing frictionless for everyone.
It's free to try. We hope you do.

It's free to try. We hope you do.

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