The Best Free Invoice Templates for Doulas

Whether you’re a new doula or you’ve worked with hundreds of mothers over the years, invoicing can be challenging. With HoneyBook, you can create invoices faster using doula invoice templates and get paid sooner by sending client invoices online.

The Best Free Invoice Templates for Doulas

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Looking for custom doula invoice templates? Use HoneyBook to create personalized, on-brand invoices for free, in just a few minutes. Then, set and automate your invoice schedule to get paid on-time.

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Want Invoice Templates Made Just for Doulas?

Birth Plan Invoice

Birth Plan

From prenatal support to personalized care in the delivery room, this invoice template is designed for all the services you render during pregnancy and birth.

Virtual Birth Plan Invoice

Virtual Birth Plan

Whether your primary operations are online or you’ve recently shifted to adopt virtual doula services, this invoice template is for you.

Postpartum Plan Invoice

Postpartum Plan

If you need an invoice template that covers all major postpartum services – including lactation consulting, newborn care, sibling care, physical recovery, and parental emotional support – this one’s for you!

 Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

From doula client forms (like doula contracts and proposals) to payment processing and meeting scheduling, there are a lot of moving pieces to a doula business. And while the right doula business software can help, managing your business with a lot of different tools and apps can make the process really complicated.

On the other hand, using an all-in-one solution like HoneyBook, you can streamline your business processes, while providing a seamless client experience. You can onboard and communicate with mothers. You can get contracts signed, invoices sent, and payments made. You can track the progress of a client engagement from your desktop or mobile device. And you can make it easy for your clients to keep track of their documents and payments with a branded, online client portal.

In essence, everything you need to deliver a positive client experience can be found in HoneyBook.

HoneyBook for Doulas
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How to Customize Your Doula Invoice Template Like a Pro

How to Customize Your Doula Invoice Template Like a Pro

First and foremost, creating a doula invoice requires the right template. With one, you can easily enter relevant client and contract information and get your invoice sent off quickly. HoneyBook offers lots of different invoice templates specifically designed for doula services.

Once you’ve selected the right doula invoice template in HoneyBook, you can plug in details and play with the design to get it perfectly on-brand and personalized to your clients.

How should your HoneyBook doula invoice look? It all depends on your style and organization method. But with each and every invoice, you should:

  • Enter your business name, personal contact information, and logo
  • Add an invoice number, based on your personal invoice numbering system (like 001 or #101)
  • Insert today’s date and an invoice due date
  • Write up the details on the services provided, including an explanation of what each service entailed
  • List the price of each service
  • Calculate the total, add discounts into the designated line, and check the boxes next to each service where taxes are applied
  • Create a note with any relevant terms and conditions for the invoice and payment

Once the invoice has been created, you can simply share it with your clients. They’ll receive an email notifying them that a payment is due, and you can track the progress of the payment from your dashboard.

Interested in learning more? Check out our detailed break-down of how to create an invoice for your doula business.

Create a Professional Doula Invoice in 3 Easy Steps

Select & Customize

Select & Customize

Start by selecting the doula invoice template that matches your payment schedule and services rendered and downloading it. Then customize the template to match your desired aesthetic by swapping out the colors, adding your logo and uploading a preferred banner image.
Enter Invoice Details

Enter Invoice Details

Once your doula invoice looks the way you want, simply enter in the details on your business, your clients, your services and your pricing.
Calculate Cost & Send

Calculate Cost & Send

With all the necessary information in place, you can direct HoneyBook to calculate any applicable taxes or discounts into the total. Then, you can share it with your client via HoneyBook’s online portal.

Invoice Types for Doulas

Whether you bill clients on monthly retainers, charge for individual classes and services, or offer packages to support women in each stage of their motherhood journey, HoneyBook has the invoice templates you need.

Invoice Types for Doulas
  • Standard Invoice: Create a standard billing statement for specific Doula services rendered.
  • Recurring Invoice: Simplify the process of billing clients on payment plans.
  • Prepayment Invoice: Send custom invoices for Doula services and packages requiring deposits.
  • Time-Based Invoice: Easily create and send invoices for hourly partum and postpartum care.
  • Credit Invoice: Notify clients of refunds issued and positive account balances effortlessly.
  • Debit Invoice: Let clients know that payments are due or overdue.
  • Mixed Invoice: Include account credits and charges on the same billing statement.

Why is it Important for Doulas to Have Online Invoices?

Get paid

Waiting for payments to come through can be stressful. HoneyBook takes the pressure off, by sending invoices and follow-up reminders at predetermined intervals. That means you can spend less time stressing and chasing down payments and more time focused on the work that matters.

Give Each Mother a Personalized Experience

Giving birth is such a unique, personalized experience – and you, as a doula, are a crucial part of making it special for the mothers you support. But there are always aspects of running a business that can come across as clinical or impersonal. By infusing personalization into every aspect of your business – including the way you invoice – you can help clients feel your genuine care and support at every stage of their journey.

Simplify installments, discounts, taxes and more

Designing invoices that factor in payment installments is both difficult and time-consuming. HoneyBook makes it easier, by allowing you to divide invoices into payment schedules and create recurring invoices for repeat payments. You can also have HoneyBook do the math for payment discounts and taxes, with the click of a button.

Get back to work

When you’re busy planning birth experiences, offering support during deliveries, and supporting mothers in their postpartum recovery, you don’t have time to create invoices from scratch over and over again. Luckily, with HoneyBook, you don’t have to. You can simply select the doula invoice template you need, add in the costs, enter your clients’ information, and send it off. No more custom creation!

Why is it Important for Doulas to Have Online Invoices?

The Best Business Software for Doulas



Streamline the client onboarding process, by combining your proposal for specified doula services with a contract and invoice. That way, if prospective clients are happy with your terms, they can sign and pay right then and there. No more phone tag or back and forth emailing.


Protect yourself and your business with HoneyBook doula contracts. Simply open a contract template, populate it with the legal language you use, and activate smart fields to automatically add your clients’ information to the contract. Once it’s been saved, you can share it with clients and capture signatures online. There’s no need to check in, either. HoneyBook will notify you directly, when a contract is signed.

All-in-One Solution

Eliminate the need to jump from tool to tool when managing your business. With HoneyBook, you can keep everything in one place, including proposals, contracts, documents and doula intake forms. You can even use HoneyBook as a CRM for your doula business, by organizing lead and client contact information to a designated tab in your dashboard.

Mobile app

Work on the go, by using HoneyBook’s mobile app. View, sign, and send documents to clients and keep up with what’s happening on their end. This way, you can keep your business moving, whether you’re making a home visit, meeting with care providers or traveling somewhere in between.


Book meetings with clients effortlessly, using HoneyBook’s scheduling feature. All you have to do is set your availability and create a few parameters. Then, your clients can book consultations on their own for whenever is most convenient. All appointment details are saved automatically to your calendar, where you can view them at your leisure.

Online Payments

Use HoneyBook’s secure payment platform to keep all of your business finances in one place. You can create invoices, accept payments, automate invoice reminders, and even send overdue invoice emails when invoice due dates pass. And with HoneyBook, the experience is frictionless for your mothers as well.
It's free to try. We hope you do.

It's free to try. We hope you do.

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