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The best free photography invoice templates

Elevate your photography business with our professional invoice templates. Streamline billing with HoneyBook’s photography invoice templates, get paid promptly, and focus on capturing moments, not paperwork.

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photography invoice templates for photographers

Create your own photography invoices for free

Create professional invoices with HoneyBook's photography invoice templates and post them in your online portal for faster payment.

Photography invoicing software

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Use our free invoice generator today to create and download simple invoices for your photography business that you can email to your clients or print in PDF form.

Photography invoice generator

Use invoice generator

Want invoice templates made just for photographers?

Customize any of these popular invoices to suit your needs today!

Portrait Photography Invoice Template
Portrait Photography Invoice Template

Portrait photography invoice

Whether you focus on engagements, take business headshots, photograph newborns, or capture graduation milestones -- this invoice template is perfectly designed for you.

Food Photography Invoice Template
Food Photography Invoice Template

Food photography invoice

Your lens turns dishes into art, and with an invoice as detailed as your food styling, this template will fit the bill by capturing the essence of your culinary photography.

Event Photography Invoice Template
Event Photography Invoice Template

Event photography invoice

If you specialize in shooting corporate events, weddings, galas, and birthday parties, this invoice template ensures you're paid for all the effort you put into those day-long shoots.

HoneyBook’s photography CRM software
HoneyBook’s photography CRM software

Streamline your photography workflow with HoneyBook

Running a photography business involves more than just capturing great shots. It's about managing clients, schedules, and invoices, which can be overwhelming. HoneyBook simplifies this by offering tools to streamline your workflow. From connecting invoices with contracts to accepting payments online, HoneyBook helps you stay organized and focused on what you do best.

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Customize Your Photography Invoice Template
Customize Your Photography Invoice Template

How to customize your photography invoice template like a pro

Begin with selecting a photography invoice template that best aligns with your needs, then personalize it with your branding elements, like your logo and business information. Adding your own photography to the invoice can provide clients with a preview of what they can expect from you.

When you’ve got the online invoice looking the way you want, it’s time to plug in your business and client info. This includes:

  • The invoice number (e.g. 001 or #1)
  • Your business information such as your name, logo and phone number
  • Your client’s contact information
  • The date you send the invoice, and the date payment is due
  • All services performed (or a breakdown of the package your client selected)
  • An explanation of all services included (to minimize questions)
  • Taxes or discounts factored into the invoice total
  • Any terms and conditions regarding payment and the release of photos

Create beautiful photography invoices in 3 easy steps

Select template & customize
Select template & customize

Select template & customize

Choose your preferred photography invoice template, customize it with your brand, and add your logo.
Enter invoice details
Enter invoice details

Enter invoice details

Fill in client and business details, and list your photography services with descriptions and prices.
Calculate cost & send
Calculate cost & send

Calculate cost & send

Finalize your invoice with taxes or discounts, then send it directly to your client's email via HoneyBook.

Types of invoices for photographers

HoneyBook's photographer invoice templates are designed to simplify your invoicing process. Whether you're charging reservation fees or offering custom packages, HoneyBook has you covered.

HoneyBook's Types of Photography Invoice Templates
HoneyBook's Types of Photography Invoice Templates
  • Standard Photography Invoice: Create a basic invoice to send out when you send over the final selection of images.
  • Recurring Photography Invoice: Manage client payment plans effortlessly by sending monthly or bi-weekly invoices.
  • Prepayment Photography Invoice: Send deposit invoices when clients book a session.
  • Time-Based Photography Invoice: Easily create and send invoices for your hourly packages.
  • Credit Photography Invoice: Update clients when you issue refunds or when their accounts have positive balances.
  • Debit Photography Invoice: Notify clients when payments are due and when they’re overdue.
  • Mixed Photography Invoice: Share account charges and credits on the same billing statement.

Why do photographers need online invoices?

Get paid fast

HoneyBook speeds up client payments with online invoices while also accepting online payments and sending automatic reminders.

Deliver an amazing client experience

Deliver an extremely personalized experience by tailoring aspects of your photography invoice and other documents for each individual client. Use smart fields to personalize proposals and contracts and add photos from a client's session to their documents.

Simplify taxes, discounts & installments

With HoneyBook, simply check a few boxes, and we’ll do all the math for you -- perfectly, every time.

Capture more moments

Spend more time doing what you love, not creating invoices and tracking down payments.

photography invoice templates for photographers with HoneyBook
photography invoice templates for photographers with HoneyBook

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