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The best free photography invoice templates

If you want to get paid, you have to invoice. But creating invoices is often a tedious and frustrating process. With HoneyBook, you create branded invoices quickly using custom photography invoice templates, and you can share them online to get paid sooner.

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photography invoice templates for photographers

Create your own photography invoices for free

Photography Invoice Software
Create fully branded, photography invoice templates in HoneyBook. Then, access more features like automatic payment reminder emails, integrated payment processing, and reporting. Get paid faster and track everything in one place.

Photography invoicing software

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Photography Invoice Generator
Don’t want to access all of our awesome features for free? Create a simple photography invoice using our free invoice generator. You can still download your invoice template to send to clients via email or print in PDF form.

Photography invoice generator

Create my free invoice

Want invoice templates made just for photographers?

Portrait Photography Invoice Template
Portrait Photography Invoice Template

Portrait photography invoice

Whether you focus on engagements, take business headshots, photograph newborns, or capture graduation milestones -- this template is perfectly designed for you.

Food Photography Invoice Template
Food Photography Invoice Template

Food photography invoice

If your primary subject is food, you need an invoice template that accommodates all the extra tasks you take on, like baking and styling. This template checks all the boxes.

Event Photography Invoice Template
Event Photography Invoice Template

Event photography invoice

Specialize in shooting corporate events, weddings, galas, and birthday parties? This invoice template is what you need to ensure you’re paid for all the setup, hours, and effort put into day-long shoots.

HoneyBook’s photography CRM software
HoneyBook’s photography CRM software

HoneyBook: Like having your own personal assistant

From styling clients and selecting props to photographing and editing, a lot goes into a typical client engagement. Add in administrative tasks like invoicing, client management and scheduling, and running your photography business can quickly take over your life.

HoneyBook goes beyond a photography CRM software to manage your entire clientflow. It gives you the freedom to focus on the people and moments that matter most by automating all the mundane tasks that keep you in business.

With HoneyBook, you can connect your invoices with photography contracts to streamline your booking process, or send them separately. It all depends on your unique processes. You can also accept payments through HoneyBook’s online payment software to keep everything professional and organized.

As for your clients? They can view their photography intake form, proposal, contract, invoice, and payment history in a personalized (and branded!) client portal.

Everything you need to look professional and run your business efficiently comes built into HoneyBook.

HoneyBook for Photographers

Want to send your clients automatic payment reminders?

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Customize Your Photography Invoice Template
Customize Your Photography Invoice Template

How to customize your photography invoice template like a pro

The first thing you need to do is pick a photography invoice template that fits your needs and customize it to your branding. Drop in your logo and business information as well as an invoice banner. If you use your own photography, it can give your clients a preview of what they’ll be getting.

When you’ve got the online invoice looking the way you want, it’s time to plug in your business and client info. This includes:

  • The invoice number, based on your invoice numbering system (like 001 or #1)
  • Your business information -- like your name, logo and phone number
  • Your client’s contact information
  • The date you send the invoice, and the date payment is due
  • All services performed (or a breakdown of the package your client selected)
  • An explanation of all services included (to minimize questions)
  • The cost of each service
  • Taxes or discounts factored into the invoice total
  • Any terms and conditions regarding payment and the release of photos

Create beautiful photography invoices in 3 easy steps

Select template & customize

Select the photography invoice template that fits your need and edit elements to match your business. You can swap out stock images and add your logo to brand the invoice.

Enter invoice details

When you’ve got your photography invoice looking the way you want, add in all the relevant details to make payment simple and straightforward. Be sure to include your client’s information, your business details, and a description and price for each service to minimize questions.

Calculate cost & send

Just let HoneyBook do the math -- including any required taxes or discounts for giveaways -- to ensure that there are no mathematical errors, and click send. Your photography invoice will be posted in your client portal and an email will be sent to let your clients know they have an invoice waiting for them.

7 types of invoices for photographers

Whether you charge a reservation fee to book sessions in your calendar or you package your services into custom packages, HoneyBook has the templates you need to create stunning invoices for each and every client. This collection of photography invoice templates includes:

HoneyBook's Types of Photography Invoice Templates
HoneyBook's Types of Photography Invoice Templates
  • Standard Photography Invoice: Create a basic invoice to send out when you send over the final selection of images.
  • Recurring Photography Invoice: Manage client payment plans effortlessly, by sending monthly or bi-weekly invoices.
  • Prepayment Photography Invoice: Send deposit invoices when clients book a session.
  • Time-Based Photography Invoice: Easily create and send invoices for your hourly packages.
  • Credit Photography Invoice: Update clients when you issue refunds or when their accounts have positive balances.
  • Debit Photography Invoice: Notify clients when payments are due and when they’re overdue.
  • Mixed Photography Invoice: Share account charges and credits on the same billing statement.

Why do photographers need online invoices?

Get paid fast

Even if you don’t send a final selection of images until your invoice has been paid, waiting on client payments can be a little stressful. HoneyBook goes beyond a photography CRM software so can speed up client payments with online invoices while also accepting online payments, sending automatic reminders, and preparing contracts ready for seamless booking.

Deliver an amazing client experience

Let’s face it. Your clients are looking for an extremely personalized experience. In fact, many want to feel like they’re your only client. Using HoneyBook, you can make that happen by personalizing all of your documents to individual clients. Use smart fields to tailor proposals and contracts and add photos from a client’s session to their invoices.

Simplify taxes, discounts & installments

You don’t have the time to calculate tax percentages or manually recreate invoices for payment plans. You have shoots to plan, sessions to book, clients to photograph, and images to edit. If you use HoneyBook, simply check a few boxes and HoneyBook will do all the math for you -- perfectly, every time.

Capture more moments

Whether you love capturing love stories, new beginnings, exciting milestones, or a little bit of everything -- you prefer to be behind the camera, not creating photography invoices from scratch. HoneyBook is here to make sure you can spend more time doing what you love, not creating invoices and tracking down payments.

photography invoice templates for photographers with HoneyBook
photography invoice templates for photographers with HoneyBook

The best business software for photographers



Simplify the onboarding process by creating professional proposals with custom photographer business templates. Then, combine your proposal with a photography contract and an initial invoice to eliminate back and forth at every step.


Protect your business by getting official contracts signed before kicking off a project. All you have to do is select a photographer contract template, populate it with your chosen legalese, add in your clients’ information using smart fields, and click send. Your clients can view and sign your contract online, and HoneyBook will update you throughout the process to keep you in the loop.

All-in-one solution

Spend less time toggling between tools and more time focused on your clients, by using a photography CRM software like HoneyBook. You can manage everything from contracts and invoices to payments and scheduling in one place. You can even organize client information and communication.

Mobile app

Keep things moving while you’re on the go. Share your photography business forms from home, check on client actions from your car, and communicate with clients while you wait for them to arrive for a session. Regardless of where you are, HoneyBook makes it possible for you to handle important tasks from your mobile device.


Avoid double booking by handing off your schedule to HoneyBook. Just set your availability, embed your calendar link into an automatic email, and let your clients schedule when it’s convenient for them.

Online payments

Instead of waiting for a check in the mail or an online transfer, use HoneyBook to accept credit and debit payments, directly. Beyond just looking more professional, it will help you keep your financial records organized in one place. All of your invoices, payments, and receipts will be saved to your dashboard.

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