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The Best Free Invoice Templates for Virtual Assistants

Even if you’re an invoicing pro, there are always ways to do it better. Using HoneyBook, you can create invoices quickly and easily with custom virtual assistant invoice templates. And you can share your invoices online to get paid faster.

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Create Your Own Invoices For Free

Create Your Own Invoices For Free
Looking for professional, stylish invoices? Use HoneyBook’s virtual assistant invoice templates to bill your clients in minutes. Then, share them via an online portal to get paid sooner.

Virtual Assistant invoicing software

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Create Your Own Invoices For Free
Don’t want to try our amazing features for free? Create a simple invoice with our free invoice generator.

Virtual Assistant invoice generator

Create my free invoice

Want invoice templates made just for virtual assistants?

Project Manager Virtual Assistant Invoice
Project Manager Virtual Assistant Invoice

Project Manager Virtual Assistant

Tackling the planning and implementation of large client projects? With this template, you can create custom invoices in minutes.

Virtual Marketing Assistant Invoice
Virtual Marketing Assistant Invoice

Virtual Marketing Assistant

Managing social media channels and email campaigns? Use this template to create a professional invoice for your services.

Admin Virtual Assistant Invoice
Admin Virtual Assistant Invoice

Admin Virtual Assistant

Handling your clients administrative tasks, like invoicing and customer relationship management? This invoice has all the fields you need to bill clients quickly and easily.

HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant
HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

Whether you strictly handle administrative tasks, or you manage everything from social media calendars and blogging to bookkeeping -- being a successful virtual assistant is a lot of work. And the more clients you take on, the more juggling it requires.

HoneyBook makes it easier to run your business, by simplifying the tedious, time-consuming tasks you deal with daily. You can organize your clients’ information in HoneyBook’s CRM to make communication faster. You can use a custom proposal template and a virtual assistant client intake form to prose a new client engagement. You can use a virtual assistant contract template and an invoice template to accelerate client onboarding and invoicing. And you can accept client payments -- via debit card, credit card, or bank transfer -- in a secure online portal to make bill pay easier on everyone. Best yet, you can access all of these tools from anywhere with HoneyBook’s mobile app.

This means you can focus your attention on helping your clients onboard, communicate with, and invoice their clients, rather than dealing with your own.

HoneyBook for Virtual assistants

Want to send your clients automatic payment reminders?

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How to Customize Your Invoice Template Like a Pro
How to Customize Your Invoice Template Like a Pro

How to Customize Your Invoice Template Like a Pro

Start by selecting a virtual assistant invoice template that best fits your services and pricing model, and customize the design to match your personal branding. You can change the colors to your brand colors, add in personalized banner images, and upload your logo as well.

When you’re happy with it, you simply add in relevant details, like:

  • Your name (or business name) and contact info
  • Your clients’ contact information
  • An invoice number, based on your invoice numbering system
  • An itemized list of all services completed since your last invoice (or a breakdown of the hours you worked if you bill on an hourly rate)
  • Pricing for each service (or your standard hourly rate)
  • A list of any taxes, fees, or other charges that apply
  • The date the invoice was sent
  • The invoice due date

Then, just share it with your clients via HoneyBook’s online client portal. Your clients can pay with their debit card or credit card in the same space, and you’ll get an automatic notification as soon as they do.

Create Professional Virtual Assistant Invoices in 3 Simple Steps

Pick a Template & Customize

Select a virtual assistant invoice template that matches your services and pricing model. Then, adjust the design to match your personal brand’s color scheme and upload your banner image and logo.

Add Invoice Details

Enter information about you and your client -- including contact details, work completed, the amount billable, and the invoice due date -- to make bill pay easy.

Calculate Cost & Send

Enter in relevant tax percentages and add up the amount due. Then, hit send.

7 Types of Invoices for Virtual Assistant Businesses

No matter how you choose to bill your clients, HoneyBook has templates designed to make invoicing easy, including:

7 Types of Invoices for Virtual Assistant Businesses
7 Types of Invoices for Virtual Assistant Businesses
  • Standard Invoice: Send a simple invoice after a client project or set of services.
  • Recurring Invoice: Automatically send biweekly or monthly invoices based on your predefined invoice schedule to stay on top of client billing.
  • Prepayment Invoice: Collect deposits or collect a chunk of an agreed payment upfront for added security.
  • Time-Based Invoice: Invoice clients for hourly administrative and project management work.
  • Credit Invoice: Send your clients a notice when their account has a positive balance, or you plan to issue a refund.
  • Debit Invoice: Let clients know when their bill is due or overdue.
  • Mixed Invoice: Share one invoice (instead of two or three) when clients have charges and credits on their account.

Why Do Virtual Assistants Need Online Invoices?

Get Paid Faster

You don’t have time to chase down client payments. But if your clients frequently forget to pay their bill or drag their feet whenever you send an invoice, you may not have a choice. HoneyBook fixes this by letting you share your invoices in an online client portal and send regular invoice reminder emails. And your clients can pay their bill securely in the online platform too, which means bill pay is frictionless for everyone involved.

Build Trust with Clients

Your clients expect you to be professional when handling their client and customer interactions. So to maintain trust with them, you need to make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward. HoneyBook’s VA invoice templates make it possible for you to create and send professional invoices in minutes. And using HoneyBook’s secure payment portal, you can process payments like a pro, too.

Automate Taxes & Discounts

Even if you handle the financial side of your clients’ businesses, calculating taxes is a pain. Using Honeybook’s built-in tools for virtual assistants, you can calculate tax percentages and discounts in individual invoices with a few clicks and keystrokes.

Focus on Your Clients’ Businesses

You’re in business to help your clients run their businesses efficiently. But that can be difficult to do if you spend lots of time creating invoice templates, slogging through inefficient invoicing processes, or managing client payments by hand. HoneyBook helps you focus on your clients, by automating all of your invoicing tasks. Using the set of customizable virtual assistant invoice templates, you can create and share invoices quickly. You can accept debit, credit, and bank transfer payments with HoneyBook’s secure payment portal. And if you need to send payment reminders, you can set a schedule and HoneyBook will take care of that too.

Why Do Virtual Assistants Need Online Invoices?
Why Do Virtual Assistants Need Online Invoices?

The Best Business Software for Virtual Assistants



Sign on clients and quote new projects quickly, using HoneyBook’s clean virtual assistant client questionnaire and proposal templates. Just select the template that works best with the specific list of services you offer and add in details about the scope to keep everyone on the same page. Then populate the smart fields with your clients’ information and send it.


Protect your business and your clients with a custom virtual assistant contract. All you have to do is select a template you like and adjust it to match your style preferences. Then, enter the legal jargon you use, fill in your business’ information, and direct HoneyBook to autofill your client’s information. Your clients can sign the contract via HoneyBook’s online client portal and you’ll get a notification the moment they do.

All-in-one solution

Access all of your tools in one place (and for one price) with HoneyBook. Create proposals, contracts, and invoices in minutes using HoneyBook’s custom virtual assistant templates. Share and sign documents online. Schedule meetings effortlessly. And organize all of your clients’ information in the CRM feature. Everything you need to run your virtual assistant business is at your fingertips when you use HoneyBook.

Mobile app

Work at home or on the go, using HoneyBook’s mobile app. You can discuss project progress, map out deliverables, send and sign documents, check on invoices, and schedule meetings from anywhere. All you need is your mobile phone.


Schedule prospective client meet-and-greets and regular client check-in meetings effortlessly. Just set your availability in HoneyBook and share your calendar link in welcome emails and your online client portal. Then, get back to the projects that need your time and attention. Your clients can book on their own, and all of your synced calendars will be updated, automatically.

Online payments

Make invoicing and bill payment frictionless by tapping into HoneyBook’s suite of payment features. Use a virtual assistant invoice template to create and share invoices quickly. Send invoice reminder emails at regular intervals and an overdue invoice email when invoice due dates pass. And accept debit, credit, and bank transfer payments in a secure online payment portal. You can even integrate HoneyBook with QuickBooks to make quarterly and year-end taxes a breeze.


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