The Best Freelance & Consulting Contract Template Collection

When you work with different brands and entrepreneurs, you need a contract in place to safeguard your business against misunderstandings and disputes. With HoneyBook, you can draw up professional client agreements quickly, and your clients can e-sign them from any device hassle-free. Whether you design graphics, develop websites, build apps, or write content, our consultant contract template collection is designed to help you get the legal stuff squared away easily.

The Best Freelance & Consulting Contract Template Collection

Protect Your Business with a Freelance Contract Template

Get a legally-binding agreement in place quickly using HoneyBook’s contract templates. Design, write, and share contracts from a single dashboard. And then accept eSignatures to get projects started.

4 Must-Have Independent Consultant Contract Templates

From generic contract templates to NDAs, there are a lot of agreement forms out there for freelancers and consultants to choose from. This can make it difficult to know what you need to protect your business and your clients. Below we’ve included a shortlist of must-have contract templates for freelancers and consultants to help you know when and how to use each of these contracts.