The Best Photography Contract Template Collection

Whether you shoot elegant weddings, adorable newborns, or professional brands, running a photography business isn’t without its risks. Between copyright disputes, payment issues, and unrealistic client expectations, a lot can go wrong. Professional photography contracts protect your business by laying out the terms and conditions of your agreement from the get-go. And using HoneyBook’s contract management tools, you and your clients can sign contracts online to get sessions scheduled faster.

The Best Photography Contract Template Collection

Design Your Ideal Photography Agreement

While working with a lawyer is always the safest bet when it comes to writing up a contract, there are other means of getting a professional, legally-binding agreement in place. Using HoneyBook, you can design, draft, and share contracts easily from a single dashboard. And your clients can sign your agreements online for faster session scheduling.

5 Popular Contracts for Photographers

From basic photography contract templates to image licensing agreement forms, there are a lot of contract options available to photographers. As a result, it can be difficult to know exactly which document is the best option for safeguarding your photography business against disagreement and lawsuits. Below we’ve broken down the most popular types of contract templates to help you pick the best legal document for your business and determine when and how to use it.