Music While You Work: The Rising Tide Society Playlists

The #rtsinterns have been hard at work creating something fun to help y’all get through your workdays! We wish that we could invite all of you to work with us in the #rtsoffice, but since that is impossible… we wanted to share a little piece of our office with you!

Today we’re sharing our RTS Spotify playlists like #MakeWavesMonday to pump you up and #TuesdaysTogether acoustics for your coffee shop gatherings. Each of the Founders also put together a playlist for you and we can’t wait to hear which playlists are your favorite.


Kick-off your week with this playlist made especially for Mondays by our interns Erin and Madison.

#makewavesmonday playlist | via the Rising Tide Society


Need something a little more mellow for your #TuesdaysTogether gathering? This is the playlist for you…

#TuesdaysTogether playlist | via the Rising Tide Society

Oh, and there’s more…

Each of the founders has put together a playlist and we’re excited to roll out with more in the next few weeks. Check them out…

Rising Tide Society Spotify Playlists | via the Rising Tide Society

What songs are on your workday playlist? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hey guys! Great playlists. As a DJ I love making playlists and sharing music. As a member of this group I would love to contribute if you are interested in having me feature a playlist every so often?

    You can give me a theme to match or I can just whip up something for you and make it a surprise!

    You can check out my Spotify mixes here:
    Mixcloud here:


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