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Leverage AI and smart automations to create a marketing organization designed for speed and high performance

Learn how AI and automation can transform your entire marketing and sales funnel, from content creation to lead generation and closing deals. HoneyBook Product Evangelist Mac Hughes and Head of Partnerships at 11ElevenLabs, Dustin Blank, join forces to guide you through the power and applications of AI.

Key Takeaways

  • AI isn’t here to replace you or your business; in fact, it’s creating new types of jobs and business opportunities every day. 
  • Automation doesn’t make your brand impersonal. Actually, it can support personalization at scale.
  • AI can serve as your thought partner in generating ideas, performing enterprise-level market research, and producing first-draft content.
  • Fundamentally, AI is a powerful tool that can help automate certain tasks, allowing you to devote more time to high-impact, highly personalized human interactions with your customers.
  • AI and smart automations can transform your manual sales efforts into a streamlined digital process built for speed and client follow-up, from lead qualifying and scheduling to pre- and post-meeting communications, invoicing, and payment reminders.
  • Using AI effectively doesn’t require programming genius, just the ability to compose a prompt—a clear and specific question requesting the information you want.
  • To fully grasp and leverate the power of AI, marketers must change the way they think about computers and computing.

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With all the news of AI and automation, marketers, along with everyone else, are feeling the impact of this tectonic shift as we race towards a future that’s both exciting and daunting. As Mike Kaput, co-author of Marketing Artificial Intelligence and Chief Content Officer at the Marketing AI Institute, succinctly said: “AI will revolutionize how we market to customers.”

The webinar, Optimize Your Day With Smart Automations: AI Hacks for Marketers, addresses the opportunities and challenges brought with the AI. It starts with a few key definitions that clarify the roles that AI and automations play in ideation, content generation, and boosting efficiency. 

  • Automations = operational assistant
  • AI = brainstorming or research partner and expert

This deep dive explores the importance of crafting effective prompts – the questions that unlock the information you need – and examines how AI and smart automations can elevate mission-critical sales and marketing activities.

Prompts are key to getting the most out of AI

 AI prompts act as instructions for a powerful tool. They tell the AI what to do, what information to consider, and, based on the instructions, how to format the output. This ensures the AI’s responses are relevant and helpful.

When crafting a prompt, keep these qualities in mind: 

  • Be clear and specific in what you’re asking for
  • Provide plenty of context to ensure a relevant response
  • Your prompt should reflect the goals you want to achieve
  • Write in a neutral voice to avoid bias
  • Include scope for focus
  • Be thorough and offer plenty of detail  

Marketing and sales prompt examples: 

  • “Create a content calendar for the next month with ideas for blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters. Please see below the types of content I have done in the past – don’t repeat anything.”
  • “See the attached excel with purchasing and engagement behavior from my customers. Identify 5 growth opportunities.”

Using AI for content creation

With the right prompt, AI can help you generate fresh content to share with your customers. This could include:

  • Web pages and blog posts that are SEO optimized
  • Social media
  • Localization
  • Video and podcasts

Using automations and AI for lead generation and fulfillment

The point of automation is to do more faster with fewer resources. Automations and AI can help:

  • Batch emails or post content
  • Drive traffic to a lead form, premium
  • Capture and manage information from a lead form generating an instant response

Does speed matter in following up on a lead? According to industry studies, 86% of clients tend to go with the business that gets back to them the fastest. 

Using automations and AI for sales

AI can be used in multiple ways to support the sales effort: 

  • Co-partner in brainstorming conversion tactics
  • Create email, landing page, proposal copy
  • Personalization
  • Thought partner to anticipate client needs

Automations for selling services includes:

  • Scheduling tool for discovery calls 
  • Auto-send files, like intake questionnaires pre-call 
  • Templates
  • Payment reminders

The combination of AI and automations significantly supports the sales process.  It enhances client engagement, streamlines operations, personalizes interactions, provides strategic insights through rich data collection, and automates routine tasks. These capabilities lead to increased efficiency, improved customer relationships, and better decision-making, ultimately driving sales performance and productivity.

How do you know if it’s working?

To measure the success of your AI and automations efforts, set up systems to track: 

  • Time savings: Compare total completion times before and after AI.
  • Productivity gains: Track the volume content pieces and engagement metrics and compare pre- and post-AI output.
  • Revenue gains and cost savings: Compare cost from labor pre-AI with new tools used to replace AI. Estimate revenue gains from increased output and analyze AI’s ROI.

AI and automation transform marketing dynamics

AI and automation deliver more than just efficiency, time savings, and boosted productivity. They enable greater personalization and faster service at scale. This combination is also introducing a dramatic change in how we think about computers and computing: computers as content creators, researchers, and co-partners in ideation. How we market to customers will continue to change. But one thing that remains constant: the need for marketers to stay ahead of the technological curve.

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