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Chapter Highlights: Pasadena, CA

Our Pasadena chapter is 1 of 5 groups in the L.A area and are celebrating one year of our Tuesdays Together this month. Yay! Our chapter mostly consist of planners and photographers but we also get a variety of other creatives that attend. The new faces we see every month keeps the meetings fresh and networking always flowing.

Our meeting range from 5-12 people. For most of the year I was changing the meet up time from morning to evening each month to allow those that couldn’t make it due to work or having kids at home the opportunity to come out. 
The 5 L.A leaders are in constant contact and we bounce ides off of each other. It has helped me be a better leader and make wise decisions for the group– big THANKS to Jessica Carrillo, Holly Gray, Renee Dalo, and Yoco Rezabala. 
What does #communityovercompetition mean to you?
Having the heart of a teacher. This industry can be so cut throat but I believe in giving back.
What has been one of your favorite TuesdaysTogether moments?
My favorite moment was our Mega Meet Up this past summer. The L.A leaders all came together and we hosted one single meet up for the month. Even though I arrived late due to some downtown L.A construction the meet up was a success. We got to break off into smaller groups for the discussion and the networking afterwards was so good.
What has been your favorite monthly topic for your TuesdaysTogether gatherings? Why?
Productivity for sure has been my favorite topic. It really spoke to me and I saw where I had area of improvement to do. I have now put into place things that I learned that meeting to hep me be more productive. One, is to turn off my email and Facebook notifications. No more losing time by being distracted. The other is adding my work hours to my email signature and sticking to them! Last is to get out twice a day and do some gardening and exercise.
Where does your chapter typical meet up?
Wherever they let us meet. This is the biggest struggle every month.
What is something that you do as a chapter that works well for you, and that you think would be helpful for other chapters?
Being in communication with the 4 other leaders. We bounce ideas off each other and support one another. We all need encouragement and support!

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