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Ace your Trademark Meeting

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Thinking about filing a trademark? Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck when meeting with your attorney—especially if they are billing you hourly!

  1. Clear your business name before you start. This prevents costly rebrands, stressful cease-and-desists, and the anxiety-inducing panic and confusion that comes from needing to rename a company you spent so much time building. Having to tell clients that their proposed mark is no good is our least favorite thing to do.
  2. Prep well. Every trademark application will need certain information. Come armed with a packet including the following:
    • The trademark you want to register
    • The date (month and year) you came up with your trademark
    • The date you started using your trademark to “sell” things (this might be the same date as the item above, or it may be different)
    • A file with photos, scans, or screenshots of your product or service featuring your proposed trademark.
    • The names of other competing businesses (helpful if the attorney needs inspiration for the description of your services)
  1. Be patient. The trademark application is a long one, averaging around 6-9 months.  Be patient and know that your attorney is keeping track of things.
  2. Put renewal dates on the calendar. Remember, you must renew trademarks after 5 and 10 years (and every 10 years thereafter). Put those dates in your calendar up front so there are no surprises later!

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