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Goal setting for the new year

The end of the year can be a stressful time, but it’s not a requirement! At HoneyBook, we’re all about reframing your mindset for sustainable growth and better client relationships. Peace of mind is easier when you use a seamless, one-stop clientflow management platform like HoneyBook. No more client confusion, forgotten invoices, or double bookings. Then, you can use your newfound free time for goal setting to set yourself up for success!

There’s no time like the end of the year to develop your social channels, website, and word-of-mouth marketing methods. In this guide, we explain how to do this in-depth in our free monthly guide on goal setting. We’ll also cover how to decrease burnout, delegate work, create consistent content, and meet your PR goals!

This guide covers how to:

Execute your vision: goal setting for the new year

Shift your mindset for sustainable growth.

Renée Dalo takes us on a money mindset journey and encourages independent business owners to know their worth. Then, Kristy Rice teaches us how to delegate gradually and thoughtfully for optimal prosperity.

Strengthen your foundation with clients by implementing boundaries.

Not all success is linear. Jordan Kentris walks us through how to set boundaries that benefit your work-life balance and top-paying clients. Deepen your relationships with great clients before investing in weaker relationships.

Design an achievable strategy.

Angela Myers has unlocked the secret to content consistency. The good news is, so can you! If PR is a targeted growth area for you, use Meghan Ely’s secrets to an active PR schedule.

What's inside

Renée Dalo

Time for some real talk: Who, what, when, and where was your money mindset molded? We’re not telling you to abandon every kernel of wisdom picked up from grandma Jo, but we are going to give you some new money mindset tools for your independent business piggybank. Learn how to shift your self-talk, use budget tools, and take the stigma out of pricing your services appropriately.

Kristy Rice

One of the joys of being an independent business owner is being accountable only to your boss—aka, the person in the mirror. Unfortunately, if you’re scaling, and this is true especially around the holidays, doing it all can leave you vulnerable. Things are bound to slip through the cracks of your clientflow if you’re juggling everything. It pays to delegate because a happy client book is a weight off of your shoulders. Learn how to trust your team and free up more time for doing what you do best: creating!

Angela Myers

Not everyone excels at scheduling, but you don’t have to be a social channel planning expert to create killer, consistent content. In this article, we cover how to analyze your current strategy and make the necessary upgrades to get your audience to like, click, open, and eventually, purchase more consistently. Create a system with this framework that works for you—no week-long intensive required.

Kick creative burnout to the curb

Jordan Kentris

If you’re a “go, go, go!” getter, this article is for you. Take a few deep breaths and reflect on when you felt stressed this year. If stress kept you from your best creative flow, it’s time to implement some boundaries and manage it. In this article, we give you the tools to stop creative burnout in its tracks. You’ve got this!

Meghan Ely

The new year often means more PR opportunities for independent business owners. Educate yourself on up-and-coming trends, and if you have new PR goals, write them down! Make this your PR year by following these detailed tips for how to meet and exceed your goals and increase media exposure in the new year.

Disclaimer: The advice featured in this guide and on the blog was sourced from our community members for sharing general information and knowledge. For specific legal, financial, tax, mental health and professional advice, please consult an authorized professional.