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How this social media manager grew a multi-six-figure business with HoneyBook 

In under two years, this social media manager was able to grow her business with solid processes and HoneyBook automations, all while keeping her full-time job!

I'm saving thousands of dollars with HoneyBook since I've never had to outsource admin tasks

Establishing great business processes and automations is something a lot of business owners put on the back burner. But for Caroline Langdon, she identified early on that she needed to automate tasks that she was doing over and over again for her social media agency. 

Now with just under two years of business ownership under her belt, she’s a great example of how optimizing your business early and often can lead to fast growth. Learn how HoneyBook helped her grow a multi-six-figure business rapidly through an efficient clientflow. 

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About Caroline Langdon and Impact Media House

Caroline Langdon - Impact Media House

With a master’s degree in speech pathology, social media consulting wasn’t initially in Caroline Langdon’s plan. But, as many other business owners know, your passion can develop at any time, leading to a side hustle or even a new full-time business. 

While she was getting her master’s, she was nannying for a mom who had a big social media presence, and Caroline started stepping in to help with some social media management. After a year of helping her on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and other channels, she realized it could be a great business idea to help other creators and business owners on social media. 

She started Impact Media House by reaching out to local businesses first before growing the client base to where it is now– a variety of women-owned startups, content creators, influencers, and online businesses. She offers services for social media strategy, content creation, management, and reporting. Clients can also book a coaching call or social media strategy session. 

On top of running the business, Caroline is still a full-time speech pathologist, which goes to show how crucial it was for her to set up systems and automations so she could manage both jobs. 

HoneyBook gave me the confidence to keep accepting clients and taking more on because I knew our systems were really solid.

Her challenge: handling repetitive tasks and busywork

As soon as Caroline started getting more clients in her first year, she realized she was spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Every time she booked a client, she would manually create a new contract, invoice, and proposal. Ultimately, it was clear that the tasks she was completing with every client could be automated to save time. 

Getting set up with HoneyBook

When Caroline heard about HoneyBook online, she knew it was the solution to her challenges with busywork. 

After she created an account, she saw how easy it was to set up with the template gallery of files she could easily save and tweak with her brand and information. Onboarding wasn’t difficult since she already knew which tasks she wanted to take off her plate, but any time she ran into an issue she felt she could get the help she needed through HoneyBook support. 

Pro tip

Like Caroline, onboarding on HoneyBook is most efficient when you know what processes you want to streamline.

Caroline’s clientflow inside HoneyBook: faster booking and client onboarding

With HoneyBook, Caroline uses automations to streamline the process of collecting inquiries, scheduling a discovery call with them, booking, collecting payments, and onboarding. 

Setting up some automations was as simple as turning them on in HoneyBook, such as payment reminders. But, Caroline also took advantage of the ability to build more robust sequences that fit her unique clientflow.

What’s great is that she still uses many of the automations she set up when she first started and hasn’t had to rebuild from scratch, which shows how easy it can be to grow and scale when you have solid processes in place. 

Capturing leads from word-of-mouth and Instagram

Most of Impact Media House’s clients come from word-of-mouth referrals and organic Instagram leads. 

On Instagram, she includes a link to her HoneyBook contact form in her link in bio, which she uses for clients who need social media management. She also embeds the same form on the contact page of her website. 

Through her contact form, she captures client information and service needs, goals, timeline, and budget. The contact form helps her qualify leads as well since they can see her set budget ranges, and some leads won’t schedule a call when they see the pricing options.

Caroline Langdon contact form

Hands-off scheduling

As soon as someone inquires through Caroline’s HoneyBook contact form, an automation sends a thank you email that includes her portfolio and pricing PDF file as well as a link to her HoneyBook scheduler.

By automating this step of her clientflow, clients can schedule a call with her to discuss next steps, and she never has to worry about taking extra time to discuss services and pricing or go back and forth to schedule. The automated email and file template takes care of everything for her. 

All-in-one booking and onboarding 

During the discovery call, Caroline speaks directly with clients to hear more about their needs and gather information about their business and objectives, audience, goals, and challenges. 

After the call, she sends them her booking file, which includes a contract, invoice, and onboarding questionnaire. This ensures that her projects are set up for success since she can hone in on each client’s branding, competitors, vision, and more. 

To move fast, her booking file is a template that she’s able to edit quickly for each clients’ service selections and information. By providing a consistent experience for each client, she’s ensuring a high level of professionalism that helps solidify her brand and generate new business. 

Caroline Langdon onboarding questionnaire

Impact Media House has an 85% booking rate since her clients have all the information they need up front. Typically, it only takes Caroline an average of four days to book a client from the moment they fill out her contact form.

The work in HoneyBook could have been outsourced to a VA, but HoneyBook does it all. I’m saving thousands of dollars since I’ve never had to outsource admin tasks.

The results: growing to more than $250k in revenue each year 

  • 85% leads booked
  • 4-day average booking time
  • $200k+ in revenue

In only two years, Caroline has been able to grow Impact Media House to a multi-six-figure business, and a lot of that growth is credited to what HoneyBook has taken off her plate. 

Instead of the busywork, she’s able to focus on servicing her clients, creating a great experience, and growing her brand. Ultimately, she no longer has to worry about responding to new inquiries, scheduling discovery calls, reminding clients about payments, and more. 

Next, Caroline is interested in exploring more advanced automations, but she feels confident that her current setup is providing everything she needs to run her business. 

Work more efficiently

Set up custom automations with HoneyBook that ensure you’re still providing personalized interactions.

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