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How Being Personal on Your Blog Will Build Your Business

Many small business creatives I’ve come in contact with are very hesitant about putting their personal lives on their blog. They are concerned about sharing too much of themselves and that people will not be interested in their personal lives. They’re afraid that it may not be consistent with their “pretty” sites and they are just not sure exactly what to share! But they are wrong! Blogging about yourself isn’t too much, people are interested in you, and there are tons of things you can share!

I once heard another photographer say something that shook me to my core. She said “The only thing that separates you from everyone else in an overly saturated market is… YOU”. You, your personality, your quirks, and your heart is the only thing that will separate you from everyone else! In a sea of creatives and small business owners, showing your personality and life is a guaranteed way to stand out from the rest. The best way to bring yourself into your business is by blogging about those things close to your heart. For example, we are constantly blogging about our trips, our hearts and feelings on any given day, and our dog, and guess what? Those are the blog posts with the most engagement and love! People we don’t even know, come to us to ask us about things going on in our lives because they saw it on our blog!

Personal blog posts connects you to the people who buy your products or use your services. It allows them to become more invested in you and your work! When people are investing money in something, especially “millenials”, they want to know the story and heart behind what they invest their money into. They want to connect and believe in the products they buy or services they receive. And if they love the connection they feel with you via your blog, then they are more likely to tell their friends about it! Good news is that being personal on your blog is one of the easiest things you can do to build your business and spread the word about you!

So maybe you’re convinced and now you will start blogging about yourself and a bit about your personal life, but you don’t even know where to start! That’s totally ok! I  started with just one personal blog post, many of which have turned into series for our blog, and then it just kept on from there! Once you get the hang of including yourself in your blogging, it will come naturally and you’ll see the amazing response from others!

Here are a few ideas of what to blog about:

  • Blog about when purchasing a new home or remodeling any room are area of your house.
  • Write a post dedicated to a close family members or spouse when it’s their birthday
  • Share your latest adventures when you go on trips and vacations
  • Blog about your favorite things, favorite foods, and favorite places to visit in your city

Bringing yourself and your personality in your blog doesn’t have to be difficult! Allow your clients into your lives and you will see how many more ideal clients you will begin to attract!

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