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Use Your Brand Voice to Build Meaningful Relationships

Relationships are one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. Most businesses wouldn’t go very far if they didn’t have them. Connecting on a human level is crucial for long-term, meaningful relationships between clients and business owners. Here are a few ideas to utilize your brand voice to develop those genuine connections:

Share Your Unique Brand Voice

Your unique brand voice as a business owner allows you to stand out in a crowd, as it belongs to you and only you. You might offer similar services as your competitors, but nobody else can be you and that is a powerful mindset to embrace as an entrepreneur. 

A brand voice sheds light on your unique personality, attaching it to your brand and how you communicate it across all platforms. Think of your brand voice as a person or a piece of you. There are mannerisms, tones and language associated with how you communicate and position yourself in front of ideal clients and customers.

The brand voice you develop is what readers and social media followers will “hear” when reading your posts, newsletters, company announcements and more. With a clear brand voice, your audience will be able to recognize you in the crowd because you’ve created a reputation that is distinct, engaging and impactful.

Pro Tip: If your brand voice isn’t coming easily for you, remember that your brand voice should target your ideal client. Develop your voice around those you want to help and partner with in the industry. 

Use Social Media to Build Your Relationships 

It’s no surprise that social media comes into play when building and nurturing meaningful relationships. With the interconnectedness of social media, there are virtually no limits to positive relationship building. As a creative business owner, social media is your highway to powerful partnerships and global connections. If you’re on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse or TikTok, you are headed in the right direction. Using these apps to engage with others will yield results if done right. 

So, how does your brand voice relate to social media?

Direct Access to Ideal Clients: With a developed and concise brand voice on social media, you have direct access to ideal clients who follow you and are waiting to engage with the content you post. On Instagram Stories, you have features like polls, questions and even Instagram live to actively engage, connect and converse with everyday ideal clients and current customers looking for intentional brand engagement. 

Pro Tip: Your followers are following you for a reason. They believe you have something to offer and are willing to connect with you based on that belief. Prove them right!

Tailored Content and Engagement: With your particular brand voice, social media is another channel for producing tailored content and engagement beyond your website. As a creative business owner, you can optimize your social media by posting content that explicitly reaches your intended audience and boosts your engagement. This solidifies your voice to an audience eager to hear and connect with what you have to offer.

Patience is Your Best Networking Tool

When it comes to your brand voice, patience is a must. Great relationships don’t happen overnight! You will have to wait a little bit for ideal clients, followers and customers to actively engage with what you create and put on social media, your website and even in your newsletters. Having a brand voice creates consistency in the content you create and using your voice will help you build the foundation for strong and meaningful relationships. 

Find Clarity in Your Brand Voice 

A consistent and genuine brand voice will ultimately lead to healthier more beneficial relationships with your clients because it will help establish trust and familiarity… Here’s how to use your brand voice to encourage customers to engage and purchase from you:

  • Be clear on your values
  • Share what you offer
  • Embrace your innate ability to help each person you serve in a unique way
  • Show up consistently (people like to purchase from people they know)

The truth is that the business world runs on the efficiency of relationships. They create the conditions for businesses to thrive in the long term. Your brand voice plays a key role in this and will help create a clear pathway for you to do what you love in your industry. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a clear, distinct brand voice. It’s one of the most important branding tools in your toolkit to create beautiful relationships in your business. Start optimizing your social media, website and newsletter to engage and connect with your audience today. 

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